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On Saddam's Terror Camps

Did you read Stephen Hayes' report, Saddam's Terror Training Camps?

Andrew Cochran has, and he weighs in with the following:

So many experts will be very reluctant to reconsider and concur that Saddam may have developed a "breeding ground" long before American forces set foot into the country. For instance, Peter Bergen, certainly one of the best and most respected experts in the world, said 18 months ago in a debate with Hayes that the evidence of a strong al-Qaida-Iraqi connection is "rather thin" and a strong connection would have been unearthed by now. You can tell from the silence of many experts that they simply don't want to hear about new evidence unearthed in the files that might prove them wrong.

Andrew's right on the money here. I have always been nothing short of amazed at how so little was ever made of the airliner fusilage at Salman Pak. Are we to believe that it was an optical illusion or, alternatively, that Saddam was training counter-terrorism forces to serve as air marshals on the never-hijacked Iraqi state-run airline?

Add to that the passenger train cars, urban assault course and the obstacle course at Salman Pak...