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Iran's Gaza Front:The NY Sun on the New Iranian Annex

For another compelling source speaking to Iran's increasing role in controling events in and actions by Palestinian groups, see Iran's Gaza Front in today's New York Sun.

In its continuing efforts to infiltrate and carry out terror attacks in Israel, Hezbollah created "Unit 1800," a secret wing of the organization that has recruited Palestinians to collect intelligence information. The unit is reportedly taking control over Hamas, Fatah, and other Palestinian terror groups. Most recently Hezbollah has established a "forward command" post in Gaza that serves as a link between terrorists in the West Bank and Hezbollah's leadership in Lebanon.

Although Iran's war against Israel started 27 years ago, its efforts over the past several years indicate stepped up attempts to take over Palestinian organizations that are directly involved in the conflict. Through its investments in the activities of various Palestinian terror organizations, Iran seeks to increase its legitimacy among Palestinians. From there it hopes to gain an increasing foothold within the Palestinian Authority, and ultimately take control from within.

Again, the West Bank and Gaza now combine to form the New Iranian Annex.


Hamas leadership is already talking of integrating their forces into the Palestinian security forces. This is positive development and the best way forward. At this moment and time Hamas is the only strong force in Palestine that can talk and make peace, although road to peace is not going to be rosy!!


Do you really think that Iran is interested in persuading Hamas toward a moderate approach toward Israel or governance?

Do you believe that 'integrating' Hamas terrorists into an as-of-yet non-existant 'army' will make Hamas terrorists now follow international laws of warfare or rather that the said non-existent 'army' will simply be Hamas under an added banner seeking global recognition and legitimacy? Define precisely what Hamas terrorists are being integrated into. You appear to be imagining a legitmately recognized military entity that does not exist.

What gives you cause to believe Hamas is or ever has been interested in talking?

What gives you cause to believe Hamas has any interest to make peace?

Because they run summer camps for children, we should grant them humanitarian and governmental status? A man in Germany once ran summer camps for children, as I recall.

For crying out loud, sir, Hamas' cornerstone and very foundation lies in the belief that all of the land between the River Jordan and the Mediteranean Sea is Muslim land to be ruled by Muslims. Peace to Hamas is the removal of all Jews (therefor the State of Israel) from 'their' land. How might Hamas begin to negotiate this? With whom? The UN and the EU may sit in on the discussions with interest, but there's the inconvenient matter of the IDF that is rather adamant about the survival of its people and its state.

With all due respect, I struggle to understand what events you see that shape your opinions.


In terms of International law Hamas are now the legitimate government of Palestine commanding mandate of two-thirds of Palestinians obtained through transparent elections observed by International community. In terms of International law government of any country cannot[and unfortunately so]be labelled 'terrorist'. They were allowed to participate in elections with positive hopes and they should be given free hand to prove that they are capable of transforming themselves. When status changes people change and thinking changes. For over a year they have kept the promise of ceasefire with Israel and I am unable to prejudge that they will not do so in future. If 'terrorist' militias in Iraq who were actually trained inside Iran by Iranian revolutionary guards have been allowed to integrate into Iraqi security services there is no reason same chance cannot be taken in Palestine in case of Hamas. Now they are faced with the prospect of governing a country(state)and they are bound to think and act differently. Peace should be given the chance and in Palestine only Hamas have the sufficient mandate,the power and the status to do so. The question whether or not they would do so cannot be prejudged I am afraid.

When status changes people change and thinking changes.

You've got it backwards, my friend.