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Iran, Meet John Bolton

Stumbled onto a fresh young blog called Vital Perspective that I found interesting. Confession: There is much of it that I have yet to read, but a blog that displays "Real Democracy in Iran" and "Free Lebanon" graphics in the sidebar at least has its compass calibrated properly. For instance, I cherry-picked this notable bit from the latest post:

One more thing they forget: it just so happens that Iran might face Security Council action in February, the very month John Bolton, U.S. Ambassador to the UN, assumes the Council's Presidency.

From the "About Us" page: "Vital Perspective is operated by two foreign policy specialists focused on the Middle East. Though we come from different political backgrounds and have worked on competing political campaigns, the bloggers of Vital Perspective share deep concerns over the growing threat of Islamic extremism to the U.S. and our allies."

If there were just a hint more thinking like this in Washington, prosecuting and decisively winning the War on Terror would not be the 'contoversy' some choose to make it...at the cost of National Security.