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Hamas (PA) Will Not Recognize Israel

Some debate is sparked over whether or not the PA will continue to receive funding from the US and others. Many argue that Hamas should be recognized as the justly elected political power in the Palestinian Territories, which they are. But they are also a major terrorist organization. All Hamas has to do, in the eyes of some (including President Bush in comments yesterday), is remove the part of their charter that calls for the destruction of Israel. If they will just make this clerical change, all will be good going forward and funding will apparently flow. This sounds simple enough.

Consider the following from another leader: Mahmoud Zahar: No Hamas plans to recognize Israel

Who will charitably fund a dependent government with this foreign policy stance? The concept of the 'New Iranian Annex' looks more realistic with every instance of language like this.

This is what the Palestinians chose. Freely.

This morning, while listening to a radio news report on the situation, someone commented, "See, democracy fixed everything."

The problem was not democracy. The solution was not democracy, either.

Democracy is simply the process that enables a society to offer up options and freely choose to do the right thing...or...not.

Many suggest that there were only poor choices for the Palestinians, between bad and worse. Fair enough, but this is to ignore the front end of the democratic process, which is to produce the solutions from which to choose. The Palestinian society failed to produce a tenable solution, leaving them with a dead-end choice. They will suffer the consequences, as freedom cannot exist without both responsibility and consequences.

At some point in time, if the consequences are recognized as painful, the Palestinians will craft an option to vote for that is not a painful solution. This is what is meant when the term 'maturing democracy' is bandied about by pundits. Harnessing democracy is more than carting out plastic storage boxes and filling them with ballots. It's about more than just 'the vote'.

Democracy is first about setting the table from which the choice is made.

To use an old computer programming term, "Garbage in, Garbage out."

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Hamas is the best hope and the best possibility to bring peace to Palestine and be the harbinger of peace in the Middle East because they are powerful, dutiful,pious, devout, public servants, humane and honourable and above all they have peoples' mandate which must be respected above all prejudices and remember at this moment and time it is only Hamas who can make peace in the entire region. The overwhelming public opinion within Israel is a testimony to what I ahve just said!