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Despite Rhetoric, Did Germany Pay Ransom to Iraqi Terrorists?

Do you remember the stern words of new German Chancellor Angela Merkel after Susanne Osthoff was kidnapped in Iraq?

"This government, this parliament, will not let ourselves be blackmailed."

The Transatlantic Intelligencer does, and quotes German media reports that Merkel's government indeed paid ransom for Osthoff in a 'parcel of considerable weight' and now wonders aloud: Still More Euros for Terror?

John Rosenthal compares the open admission of such tactics by France to the open denial ahead of those same tactics by Germany.

The latter, after each seizure of French hostages in Iraq over the last year and a half, have quickly let it be known they were in negotiations with the hostage-takers - euphemistically referred to as "political dialogue" by former French Foreign Minister Michel Barnier - even though there was evidently nothing to negotiate but a price.

Despite the difference in rhetoric, however, evidence emerging in the German media suggests that the outcome was the same: i.e. more euros for terror.