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Totten Meets Hezbollah: A Police State Within a State

Michael Totten has an article published in LA Weekly that is just outstanding about his visits with Hezbollah in Southern Lebanon and south Beirut. Once you start reading Guess Who's Coming to Iftar, you won't stop until you're done.

Slowly, the audience began filing out before Nasrallah was finished. He wasn't so much a blowhard as a bore. Even his 'base,' at least the female half of it, didn't think he was worth sticking around for.

Soon the hall was almost half empty. Maybe Nasrallah realized he had to get to the point. Perhaps it was scripted this way. Either way, he suddenly started to scream.

Israel this! Israel that!

Oh, snore. I didn't want to be rude, but I could no longer physically stop myself from rolling my eyes.

Then a belligerent fat man grabbed my photographer colleague.

"Come with me!" he said and led Dan away with camera in hand. I followed.

You'll want to read the whole thing.