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The War for Oil unfolding in The 'Stans

Speaking of Andrei Illarionov...Richard at The Belmont Club makes an important observation on the real 'War for Oil' currently unfolding in many forms in and around the 'Stans.

Perhaps the real war for oil, in the sense of a struggle for arrangements that do not yet exist is over the reserves in Central Asia. In that struggle Russia has the key advantage of geography. It lies right across the Eurasian landmass and the petroleum roads of the 21st century must pass within or close to her borders. The future oil fields are redoubts of the Islamic fundamentalism and the traditional arena of the Great Game power rivalry between Russia, China and the leading maritime power, once Britain, now the United States.

Belmont's The Back of Beyond ties in Putin's moves to consolidate energy control, the new inclusion of our friend, Gerhardt Schroeder, on the board of Gazrpom, the Ukrainian-Iranian Pipeline to counter them and the ever present shuffling of the Chinese to give a glimpse into the constantly evolving situation.