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The real error in the planting of 'advertorials' in Iraqi media

At Countercolumn, Jayson is dead on with his observation of the latest flap making the rounds regarding the placing of advertorials in the Iraqi news media.

We don't have to micromanage the unconventional approach to war. And the freedom to innovate and the willingness and ability of SpecWar types to do so has always been a great strength. But the left hand must know what the right hand is doing. And in this case, it looks like there was a disconnect between the SpecWar PSYOPS at the tactical and operational level and the joint level IO shop. And so the Pentagon was caught flat-footed because they weren't aware of the IO activities being undertaken by Special Operations command.
So, yeah...the SOC needs to get slapped around a bit. But it's not because they engaged the Iraqi media in a truthful Information Operations campaign at the tactical and operational level.