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Sami al-Arian Jury: Not Guilty

This is simply stunning.

When the defendants were arrested, then-U.S. Attorney General John Ashcroft said al-Arian was Islamic Jihad's North American leader. The defendants denied the charges and said any money they sent to the group was for charitable activities.

Of course it was. Why anyone would recognize charity in any context from a group whose primary function is terrorism is difficult to fathom.

Current Goals: PIJ is dedicated to the violent destruction of Israel. PIJ's radical ideology views its armed struggle against Israel as one battle in a larger worldwide holy war, pitting Islam against all non-believers. PIJ has thus violently opposed the peace process and has actively used suicide bombings against Israeli targets to derail the process. Unlike Hamas, which has built a network of social services, PIJ has focused almost exclusively on violent activities.

Stunned. Simply stunned.

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Here's the original indictment (HT: Counterterrorism Blog).

The details - on or about page 18 and thereafter - are the points that had to be rejected by the jury.