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Palestinian in Lebanon

I remember well the article you referenced below, Marvin. In re-reading it, one paragraph leapt out at me regarding why some who are Palestinian in Lebanon would be inspired to take up arms against the Coalition alongside some of those who are Palestinian in Iraq.

"This is a duty for the rescue of those who are inside prisons and in defense of our holy lands, our Holy books [Korans] that they have desecrated by tearing them and stamping on them, and in defense of our mosques that they have destroyed," said Abu Sharif.

Now, I hope this is not misconstrued as Muslim bashing, for it truly is not. But let's consider the following facts:

1.) It was a Muslim detainee who tore up the Quran and flushed it down a toilet in Guantanamo, not the American enemy.

2.) It was Muslims who made mosques the firing position of choice and therefor bringing them into the tactical field of fire, not the American enemy.

As a matter of fact, early on, often fire from mosques was not returned.

But, I guess you have to strike when the iron is hot, and when passion is high, why let such facts get in the way of inspiration?

Just thought this was interesting since you linked it.