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Nobel Laureate ElBaradei Resists Iran Enforcement

It seems difficult to understand how Mohamed ElBaradei, who recently offered up the shortest timeline of any authority yet to a nuclear weapons-ready Iran, could possibly have said this:

"Let us not think we should jump the gun and use enforcement."

Those indeed are the words of a Nobel Laureate in Oslo as he prepares to accept the Nobel Peace Prize later today. When asked about his leniancy with Iran, ElBaradei said this in the same conversation:

"I'm not sure we are showing restraint, I think we are doing a full court press, if you like, on Iran."

If ElBaradei himself declared Iran in 'Non-Compliance' with the signed NPT and the Additional Protocol yet is unwilling to use 'enforcement', what precisely is the value of the treaty that has been violated? The greatest weakness of the IAEA is the lack of any enforcement mechanism. That is why so many strongly support the Proliferation Security Initiative (PSI). [Jump right to paragraph four and recall the BBC China.]