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King Abdullah

King Abdullah speaking in Mecca at an Organization of the Islamic Conference:

"It bleeds the heart of a believer to see how this glorious civilization has fallen from the height of glory to the ravine of frailty and how its thoughts were hijacked by devilish and criminal gangs that spread havoc on earth,"

This statement, along with an understanding of how Arab and Islamic society became so morally weak as to permit and encourage fanatical Islamofascism, is an example (all too rare) of the discourse all of the Islamic world should be engaged in.

Likewise, it is not our place to understand or find the "root of terrorism" - our purpose is to defeat it...


Problem is the very voice to cry out concern is the one who created the mess in the first place.

And you can't trust a society that lifts up a book which openly calls for lying to 'unbelievers'.

So while they lament their current predicament and lick their festering wounds openly for all to see, I still do not trust them based upon past actions, current actions and the future they look to in a corrupt book better explained as a Manifesto of Religous Warfare.

I understand your last statement to some degree.

But let me offer a different viewpoint. If we do not attempt to understand the cause, it limits our war tactics.

Plus if we do not spread the knowledge gleaned from this battle of words and religion, our public at large fails to understand the entire consequences if we should back down.

The Quran needs to be openly discussed in the public eyes, light shed on it for what it is. A religion which openly calls for warfare, chopping of heads, lying, and dhimmitude of those who do not convert.

The root of terrorism grows within the heart of every fundamentalist Islamic believer. It is every bit the symbol of Mein Kamph. I thought the Italian author, Oriana Fallaci summed up this argument quite well having interviewed so many Islamic believers.

The fact that Iran and other Middle East nations so easily identify with and in fact sell the book by Hitler shows how the two books coincide to fundamental racist veiwpoints.

On top of that we have corrupt Kings, Despots and Tyrants who use the literature to stir up more hatred and frenzy.

King Abdullah and the rest of the closed Islamic world would do well to open up their societies to free speech and freedom of religion.

Truth is however that most of these rulers have for so long invoked Islam as a tool of hatred and the words of Islam say there is no such thing as 'tolerance'.

They're literraly in a catch-22 situation. Deny Islam or Deny Open and Progressive Societies built on just law.

Problem is the the Quran itself support such Tyrannical views of intolerance.

This war will go on forever unless the Quran is changed permanently to leave out open calls of physical warfare upon Jews, Christians and infidels.

We can defeat a country, we cannot defeat a religion of words of hate unless it is shown to be utterly false - which the Quran is.

So, it is not just physical warfare, but every bit as spiritual and by words, information and truth.

But your talking about a 1.5 billion population of Cognitive Disconnect with false reality formed and inherited over 1400 years ago.

Islamic schools teach the actual words from the book. Therefore - they would have to actually stop teaching those verses, or deny their truth.

In the Christian faith, the New Testament does not teach one should advance by the sword. Nor does it teach hatred of the Jew or infidels. It teaches exactly the opposite - love thy enemy.

Therein lies our whole problem in a nutshell.

Unless the battle is fought on all fronts - spiritually, physically and intellectually, the war will last much longer.

thatsa my 2-cents...

Thanks for all you're doing here to keep everyone informed! I check in every day.

Bill is doing a tremendous job.

Jordan's King Abdullah and the words he has led with in recent weeks are a mark of progress unimaginable just three short years ago.

Progress for Jordan's people, for the region and, thus, for American Security.

Witness those words in context of free elections and representative government in Afghanistan and Iraq, the Syrian withdrawal from Lebanon, real elections in Egypt (regardless of one's satisfaction with the competing group at the moment), Lybia's abdication of the regional weapons development throne, women voting (and elected) in local Saudi governments...

Essentially, Rome was not built in a day...and it took much treasure and sacrifice.

I agree completely on the progress and fully support the tactics used in both countries, plus around the world.

That's not my disagreement or question.

I was heartened recently to see the President turn up the heat on naming it Islamic facist.

Rather, I'm openly speculating how do we get past religious documents that openly calls for hatred of all people who do not convert to their way of life?

For example, Martin Luther and others could point to the Bible an show where the Catholic Church had no authority for some of its attrocities, whereas the Quran grows more radical at its ending calling for more violence.

Maybe it is just 'defeat', physical and bloody defeat.

Certainly Japan and Germany experienced an about face.

It was a different time, a different war and much different tactics with higher losses and destruction seemingly more acceptable on both sides. It was a resounding defeat with terms of surrender.

Re: mess, I was referring to King Abdulla of Saudi Arabia who was lamenting the problems as quoted in the press.

Your right though, steady as she goes... on all fronts.

It is phenomenal what our troops have done to liberate so many people.

I do have comments about Bush's war, These wars deadly wrong.

Arab and Muslim world they have no connection bet ween them and thier leaders, If you meet any Muslim or Arab and you asking them do you like or agree with your leader, clearly said NO!

I fact, Bush have been destroyed American Value by using Fake Info that make Us view unecceptable.

In Addition, what happen in Iraq right now, Shiite run the country, these people thier backgroun Iranian, Iraq Arabic Muslim Country is not wright run without own people.

Iraqi Arab do not gave up Iraq to shiite Iranian, read the history, you'll found Iraqi Arab fight Iranian long time to keep Iraqi land away from occupy by shiite, So Bush gave Osama Bin laden Xmes gift by invated Iraq, that make bin laden have Value in Isalm and Arab world.

So, I advice Bush adminsration withdrawl our troops from Iraq, and make agreement with rest of arab leaders to make Iraq run by Arab Iraqi not BY Iranian Shiite