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Iran Uses Palestinian Misery?

In reading a report from the US Institute of Peace, one paragraph in particular seemed to leap from the pages:

Alternatively, if the Arab-Israeli conflict continues and Lebanon and Syria remain hostile to Israel and U.S. policy, Iran will be a regional beneficiary and will strengthen its position in Iraq: No Iraqi government is likely to establish close ties with Israel absent a resolution of the Palestinian problem. As long as the conflict continues to fester, Iran will continue to exploit it for its own purposes.

U.S. Institute of Peace: Iran and Iraq - The Shia Connection, Soft Power, and the Nuclear Factor

While, to be sure, this sentiment is not limited to Iran, it should be noted that the overwhelming majority of the attacks on Israel since the ceasefire agreement (including today) have come from the PIJ, heavily funded & supplied by Iran...not to mention little to no political aspirations in the Palestinian Territories. Add to that mix the recent attacks from (Iranian backed) Hezbollah in the north.

It is not unreasonable to go one step farther than the USIP report and conclude that Iran indeed does not seek a resolution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, as it provides to much ancillary value and convenience.