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Hanson On War and Torture

VDH offers up an excellent commentary on the use of torture in modern warfare. Read - Winning a War without Torture.

We know from both its professed creed and its conduct in the field that al Qaeda cares nothing for civilized behavior. Its barbarism is innate, not predicated on any notion of reciprocity. Prisoners were beheaded and tortured before the sexual humiliation so amply photographed at Abu Ghraib. U.S. soldiers already grasp what surrender to al Qaeda terrorists means; they've seen other Westerners appear hooded on the Internet before losing their heads to choruses of "Allah Akhbar."

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That we will not resort to what comes so naturally to Islamic terrorists also defines the nobility of our cause, reminding us we need not and will not become anything like our enemies.

The nobility of our cause is already well-defined by the fact that we are demonstrably nothing like our enemies. Whether or not it becomes law, I don't see the McCain Ammendment having any effect on the nobility of our cause, or in how we are viewed by others. We're going to be savagely criticized no matter what action we take, so let's do what we believe is right, not what we hope others will judge as being right. That's why I'm opposed to both torture and the McCain Amendment.