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Election Day in Iraq

I'm in the town of Barwana, one of the three Triad cities which include Haqlaniyah and Haditha. The poll site sits right where Zarqawi's terrorists executed residents for not conforming to al-Qaeda's perverse brand of Islamic law. It's currently 8:20 am Iraqi time, and turnout is heavy so far, with several hundred voters showing up. The polls opened at 7:00 am and the first handful arrived minutes afterward. There is a steady line of voters waiting to vote.


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Great Bill. Take in the day and stay safe.

Outstanding. The location of the polling place is, for lack of a more appropriate word, poetic. Freedom is a beautiful thing, especially prized when one must endure what the Iraqis have endured to possess it. Godspeed to them.

I think that this will be a (relatively) calm day in Iraq, considering the potential. That a good portion of the Baathist insurgency and quasi-teammates with the AQ-Iraq (et al) terrorists have warned them not to attack the polls and are watching with informed eyes is going to prove to be quite a deterrent.

From what I hear, an IED in Ramadi and a mortar into the Green Zone in Baghdad as polls opened. The 3-day ban on auto traffic in Baghdad will squelch the prospects of a spectacular attack there, as well.

Keep alert and safe, Bill.

Bless the Iraqis! Best wishes to them, and to our armed forces!

Bill, you are witnessing history today. I'm happy you are able to share this moment with our servicemen. I know you wouldn't want to be anywhere else. My prayers are with all of you and the Iraqi people. At home, we are anxiously awaiting your return. Stay safe!

Gee, Bill:

Biden's over there and he says the whole process is a miserable failure.

Er, I think I'll buy your version.