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Citizenship du jour for Gitmo detainees?

Apparently, it is possible for Taliban loyalists captured on the field of battle in Afghanistan to become a proud citizen of whatever country is most likely to secure their release from Camp X-Ray as an Australian at Guantanamo seeks to now be British.

Last month, the British Home Office rejected Hicks’ application for British citizenship on character grounds, but his lawyers appealed the decision.

On Tuesday, Justice Andrew Collins ruled that Home Secretary Charles Clarke had no power to reject Hicks’ citizenship application. The government can appeal the decision.

Hicks’ mother was born in the United Kingdom before emigrating with her father to Australia as a child.

Under British law, the children of British parents get citizenship automatically if they apply for it, but the Home Office argued that registration could be refused, or citizenship withdrawn, on grounds of public policy because of Hicks’ alleged involvement with the al-Qaida terror network and terrorist activities against the United Kingdom.

That a judge will not allow the British government to reject a terrorist's demands for citizenship is almost comical if it weren't so deadly serious. And you thought the British immigration policy was loose...