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Today's Headline: Gulf Summit Raps Israel

Remember the Reuters headline brought into question here at RapidRecon yesterday?

Gulf Arab leaders to get tough on Iran and Syria - Reuters 18Dec05

True to form and just as indicated earlier here, the 'get tough' focus has been squarely on Israel and not Iranian nuclear development. Notice today's Reuters headline with a decidedly different tone from yesterday's pre-summit coverage:

Gulf summit raps Israel, not Iran, on nuclear issue - Reuters 19Dec05

U.S.-allied Gulf Arab leaders called on Monday for a nuclear weapons-free Middle East, but singled out only Israel, not Iran, despite having voiced alarm at Tehran's nuclear ambitions during their two-day meeting.

In a final statement, the six-nation Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) focused on Israel's failure to join the nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT), which Iran has signed.

Also important from the article is this (insofar as the GCC 'dealt with' Iran):

Delegates said Iran's nuclear programme had dominated the talks. A draft statement seen by Reuters had included a clause stressing the importance of Iran's cooperation with the IAEA but this was deleted from the final version read by Attiya.

ThreatsWatch applauds the Reuters writers (Heba Kandil and Andrew Hammond) and editors for this coverage and the appropriate headline that accompanies it.