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Troubling Developments in Egypt

Kirk H. Sowell has an excellent look at the troubling impact of The Muslim Brotherhood's success in the recent Egyptian elections and the prospects of a lasting democracy there. Sowell notes:

This process has indeed begun in Iraq and Lebanon, and it may elsewhere, but events so far bode a dark omen for the future of Egypt.


In Lebanon, Hezzbollah remains both reasonably popular and well armed. Hezzbollah is a greater threat to Regional peace, much more a challenge than MB in Eygpt.

In Eygpt the Mohammedans are the best organized Opposition. They represent a large portion of Egyptians. That is a viable realpolitik concern. It is not best met, from a US viewpoint, by banning their Political Party.

They will remain viable, regardless. Better to have the light of day shine upon thir activities.

While I agree with yor estimation of Hizballah, what is most troubling with the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt is not so much that they are popular, but rather that they are popular.

The MB will always be the MB, just as you assert. That the people of Egypt are determining that the Muslim Brotherhood, the Alpha of modern Islamic terrorism, stands to gain most from any democratic changes in Egypt is what is troubling from my vantage point.

IMHO Countries emerging from single party dominance tend towards somewhat radical elements.

The opposition, any opposition, is popular simple because it opposes the dominant party.

While many folks may be union members, few in the US would actually let the Teamsters Union run the country.

This was true of the Solidarity Party in Poland.

They were the only viable opposition party. Once in power, they quickly lost it.

The MB is the only viable opposition at the moment in Egypt. As long as there is a "next election", the MB will either moderate or get voted out.