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Strange Bedfellows

al-Zarqawi has been busy apologizing for bombing a Muslim wedding in Amman, saying al Qaeda in Iraq did not intend to bomb Jordanian Muslims, who "are more beloved to us than ourselves". This apparently applies only to Sunnis.

After two Shiite mosques were bombed Friday, killing 74, Security Watchtower asks:

Did AQI forget that Muslims worship at Muslim mosques?

It is interesting how the Shiite Iranian regime supports Sunni al Qaeda by housing more than a few of their leaders and supplying arms and explosives to Sunni al Qaeda in Iraq, who in turn expends its largest munitions murdering and maiming Shiites in Iraq.

Try squaring that one at home.

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Some things don't exactly add up here. The woman that admitted to taking part in the bombing said that she dressed as if going to a party and carried a package wrapped as a gift. If they didn't intend to bomb a wedding reception, they sure went to a lot of trouble to look as if they belonged at one.