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Roggio Profiled

The Philadelphia Inquirer offers a profile of Bill Roggio today. [Registration required.]


I guess my little brother hit the big time. Great article. Happy Thanksgiving all.

Bill has one thing wrong. Rest assured, Bill was not "a little wierd as a kid".

He just grew up in a home where local and national politics, world history, and service in the Army was important. His father and I toured Civil War battlefields with the children. In Bill's case, it took.

The first time Bill voted, at 18, he was on the ballot for a position on the Republican County Committee. I even wanted to name him Douglas Arthur, after one of my heroes. Winston was really out of the question, but I tried.

Bill is a Great American and I know his readers agree. Now the country and the world will know what we have known for a long time.

Happy Thanksgiving to all our men and women serving our country!