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Administrative Note on Commenting

I would kindly like to bring to the attention of our new readers our Commenting Policy, specifically the following:

Commenters will be required to leave an email address and are encouraged to submit their website or URL also. Email addresses will not be published to the site. However, if it is determined that it is a false address, the comment will be removed. Commenters are encouraged to sign up for a Typekey or other name verification service.

Comments so far have been outstanding. We are, however, recieving a fair amount of comments submitted that do not appear for no other reason than the lack of an e-mail address. We don't send spam and we don't share e-mail addresses with anyone.

What providing an e-mail address does is simply ensure responsible commenting by attaching some measure of ownership to comments submitted. We hope you find this a reasonable policy.

If you have commented here and do not see it, then either by omission or oversight, you did not provide this. Feel free to resubmit any comment with a valid email address if this applies.