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Iraqi Insurgents Foiled

By ThreatsWatch

Iraqi Insurgents Foiled

Note: As several readers - and our own earlier thoughts concluded - this video is not new, and it hasn’t been confirmed to be footage from an AC-130H. It is likely to be from a helicopter guncrew. The text we provide below is a summary of the text that accompanied the video when we found it.

Iraqi insurgents planting roadside bombs increasingly run the risk of coming under the watch of U.S. military observation platforms. Snipers, UAVs and aircraft hunt for those attempting to strike at Iraqi and Coalition forces.

The following gun-camera footage was taken from an AC-130H Spectre gunship circling from well over two miles away. Note how the gun crew patiently observes the enemy tactics over time, then confirms and engages the targets. The insurgents never knew they were under observation and never had a chance to react.

Video requires Windows Media Player or alternative. [2.3MB]


That was impressive and should give any terrorist second thoughts about how secure their activities really are.


This video is over a year old, from an Army AH-64 Apache. ABC news and others aired this footage trying to raise a stink. Dead give away is Apaches can hover. Spectre is fix wing and has to circle above it’s target.

This footage is over a year old and has made the rounds. Interesting but not new.

Awesome and sobering.

But I have doubts about the footage being from an AC-130… There is no discernable change in perspective, as you would see from a circling aircraft.

Just my $.02

The capabilities (both surveillance and offensive) are certainly impressive. But what were those people doing? Why would someone take what looked like an assault rifle (presumably AK-47) from a car and throw it into a field? Maybe he was throwing it to the other guy who wasn’t visible until later…

The actions are awfully suspicious but their intent mystifies me.

yea but the fact being, we need to take every step in providing protection for our convoys. So whether it was an ak-47 or an IED they need to be taken out. awesome video.

The footage is definitely from an AH-64 Apache, not a Spectre Gunship. The aircraft is too stationary to be a fixed wing. And the radio conversation you’re hearing is typical between the pilot and gunner of an Apache with confirmation from their command center to engage. Still great footage.

And regarding the weapon the subject had thrown, it looked more like an RPG than an AK47, to be kept hidden for use against a Coalition convoy.

Awesome video! It was either taking them out or risk losing some of our troops. Good choice!!