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al-Qaeda Attacks: 1998-2005

By ThreatsWatch

al-Qaeda Attacks: 1998-2005

Originally published as version 1.0 on July 11, 2005. Current version 1.3. Original commentary available here, here and here.

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Scary, very scary. Great job Bill. Stay safe! We’re thinking about you!

Great summary on Al Qaida. It is an excellent presentation showing that there attacks are increasing. It is very good that you post the number of killed and wounded in a cumulative form after each new attack. There is a website, www.thereligionofpeace.com,
which lists all the attacks by Islamofascists since 9/11. The number is over 3,900 attacks. These attacks are by Chechens, Pakistanis etc. not just Al Qaida. They list more attacks, but your presentation is more effective. Anyone that doesn’t believe we are in a war is simply denying reality.

People are not aware of what is really going on around the world. We were hit once and I do not think this will be the last. Your presentation brings it home…we are fighting a world war. I don’t think the world gets it, except for the terrorist and a few others.

JIm Dyment,
Mukilteo, WA