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Argentina Seeks Arrest of Rafsanjani for 1994 Bombing

In a bold move, Argentinean prosecutors have requested Argentine and international arrest warrants for former Iranian president Hashemi Rafsanjani, former intelligence chief, Ali Fallahijan, and former Foreign Minister Ali Ar Velayati as well as several leaders of Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps. All told, the arrest of eight current and former high-ranking Iranian officials are sought for trial by the Argentinean prosecutors currently charged with investigating the 1994 bombing of the Jewish community center in Buenos Aires that killed at least 85 and wounded hundreds.

The chief Argentine prosecutor, Alberto Nisman, made it perfectly clear that his team is convinced beyond doubt that the bombing was perpetrated by the terrorist group Hizballah at the direct guidance of the highest reaches of the Iranian government. Nisman said, “We deem it proven that the decision to carry out an attack (on) July 18, 1994, on the AMIA (Argentine Jewish Mutual Association) was made by the highest authorities of the Islamic Republic of Iran which directed Hizbollah to carry out the attack.”

A report appearing in The Australian quotes a Hizballah source in reaction from Lebanon saying, “I have not yet heard that but it is not new. The Zionists want that.”

The Israel daily Haaretz reports a summary of Israeli intelligence on the bombing, including its possession of the transcript of the 1994 Hizballah suicide bomber’s farewell phone call home to the Bekaa Valley in Lebanon. It reports that it was a 1993 meeting headed by Ayatollah Khameini and included Rafsanjani, at the time Iran’s president, as well as the foreign minister, the intelligence minister and Khameini’s intel & security advisor, Muhamed Hijazi.

Iranian state-run television reported on the Argentinean calls for arrests, but stopped short of naming Rafsanjani, currently the head of the regime’s Expediency Council, or any of the others implicated in the investigation. The official Islamic Republic News Agency has yet to publish a report on these developments at the time of this writing, but did publish an article reporting Ayatollah Khameini praising Hizballah It quoted Iran’s Supreme Leader as saying, “Reliance on God Almighty, brave resistance and maximum use of all the existing potential have been the key to shocking victory of the Lebanese people and Hizbollah against the Zionist Regime.”

Argentina has South America’s largest Jewish population at over 300,000. Argentina has also enjoyed normal relations with the ‘Zionist regime’ that Khameini spoke of in his praise for Hizballah. Late last week, Iran’s president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad leveled direct threats at European nations for supporting Israel and warned them to distance themselves from the ‘Zionist regime,’ adding, “This is an ultimatum. Don’t complain tomorrow.”