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UN Resolution Rejected as Battle Rages

In yet another deadly day of Hizballah rocket barrages, including 3 civilians killed and 160 injured in Haifa, Sunday has proven to be a day that has prompted Israel to rethink its initial support of the proposed US & French-led UN ceasefire resolution. In Kfar Giladi, 12 reservists were killed by a single Katyusha rocket as it struck where they slept near a cemetery wall. The twelve “had been issued their uniforms the day before they died.”

The Jerusalem Post quoted a ‘senior official’ as saying after the attacks, “This may change everything.”

But even still, Israel has yet to mount the expected major ground assault to push toward the Litani River and clear Hizballah and their Katyushas and a buffer zone the only way it can be done: With many boots on the ground.

On the diplomatic front, the Security Council vote on the UN resolution in draft form has been delayed as changes are considered after objections from both sides on the issue. Arab states, through Qatar’s membership in the Security Council, voiced objection to the resolution’s failure to demand an immediate withdrawal of Israeli forces. Israel objected as well, concerned that the resolution calls for a ceasefire potentially months before a stated ‘international force’ of unknown composition and disputed mission is put into effect. Such a move would create a vacuum in southern Lebanon and allow Hizballah to maintain its overwhelming presence near Israel’s northern border.

Lebanon rejected the UN ceasefire plan, with Lebanese Prime Minister Siniora asking France and the US for changes to the language that would ensure an immediate withdrawal by Israel. A Hizballah elected minister was more animated, proclaiming that “resistance will continue to fight so long as a single Israeli soldier remains on Lebanese soil,” which presumably for Hizballah would still include Shebaa Farms.

Israel, meanwhile, is now seeking a re-write of the draft that it had initially supported.

While the heated international wrangling continues, so do Israel’s strikes on Hizballah. In the southern Beirut suburbs, Hizballah targets are being hit once more by Israel’s Air Force, and nearer the Israel border, fighting continues in Bint Jbail as the IDF reported one Israeli soldier was killed in a battled hat left 14 Hizballah terrorists dead on the battlefield. Lebanon’s Prime Minister Siniora called today’s Israeli airstrike in the southern village of Houla a “massacre” and said that 40 were killed.

As that story develops, it should be kept in mind that so long as Hizballah continues to embed itself within the Lebanese civilian population, those Lebanese civilians will remain at high risk. For Israel to not target Hizballah terrorists and rocket launchers where they exist is to reward the tactic and cede victory to Hizballah, sentencing Israel’s own civilians to an undefended slaughter. To Israel and the West, this should be unacceptable.


It is difficult to see how any cease-fire at this time can benefit Israel even if an IMF is put in place. Hizballah is not vanquished and even if they could be disarmed, the ultimate danger is not from military capability, but from political power. Sharon’s ploy to leave Gaza to bolster Abbas’ political influence backfired as Hamas claimed the government. Much the same will happen in Lebanon. Hizballah already holds political power and with the pounding Lebanon has received from the IDF, I can see that Hizballah, like Hamas, under “democratic elections”, will dominate the Lebanese government. The Iranian/Shia hegemony will not only surround Israel, but the entire Middle East----and they don’t even have the “bomb” yet!!!

question / concern:
If the Lebanese 'regular' army is interested to participate in the buffer zone, what would constrain the current Hezbollah party from inserting its well-trained combantants into that 'peacekeeping force'?

yep, I'm thinking like they would. Looks like a grand opportunity to get the 'legitimate state' and ongoing momentum on the same map. And able to use the same underground tunnels.



You are correct, Vic. For more and a partial answer, please see:

Who Could Envy Siniora?