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Iran Defiantly Shares Hizballah Victory

While the world appears dismissive of Israeli evidence of Hizballah’s advanced Russian anti-tank missiles obtained from Iran and Syria, for the Iranians, the victory celebration shared with fellow-enabler Syria and Hizballah continues unabated.

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad delivered a fiery speech in Iran, in which he proclaimed that, through Hizballah’s victory, delivered more at the hands of a lack of will on the part of Israel and the West than by Hizballah’s proclaimed might, “God’s promises have come true.” Ahmadinejad’s again speech included more defiant intransigence toward the UN Security Council’s demand that Iran cease its enrichment program, saying, “If they think they can use a resolution as a stick against us, they should know that Iranian people do not bend to language of force.”

In an answer to those wondering what Iran’s response to the West’s proposal and UN demands may be, Ahmadinejad telegraphed, “We will give our response on the announced date [Rajab 27 - August 21 & 22], and our reply will be based on defending the absolute rights of the Iranian people.” The Iranian crowd followed that by chanting “Nuclear energy is our undeniable right.” There should be little question as to the substance of the coming Iranian response, leaving to question only the nature of the response.

While Ahmadinejad was praising the Iranian foreign legion, Ayatollah Ahmad Khatami, who sits on the regime’s Assembly of Experts, warned Israel to beware Iran’s missile capabilities declaring “They must fear the day (Iran’s) 2,000-kilometre range missiles land in the heart of Tel Aviv.” This was preceded by praise for Hizballah and their Iranian Katyushas for turning “Israel into a country of ghosts.”

Following the weekend IDF takeover of Ghandouriyeh, a south Lebanese town just east of the coastal Hizballah stronghold of Tyre, Israel found evidence of Russian-made advanced anti-tank missiles supplied through Syria. Outside a mosque, the IDF discovered a van loaded with the empty casings of 6-foot long AT-5 Spandrel anti-tank missiles of Russian design. Serial numbers identified the design of the missile that once filled the tubes. Iran began duplicating the wire-guided anti-tank weapon in 2000.

But even more troubling was another nearby find by the IDF, where eight Syrian-supplied Russian Kornet anti-tank missiles were found unexpended near a Hizballah post. The Kornet is a laser-guided anti-tank missile with a 3-mile range, and the warhead is of a double-blast design in order to defeat modern armor technologies. Written on the casings of each of the Kornets was “Customer: Ministry of Defence of Syria. Supplier: KBP, Tula, Russia.”

Hizballah’s state-supplied anti-tank capabilities was the primary cause for the IDF’s cautious ground operational pace as well as the cause of death for most of its losses incurred while engaging Hizballah terrorists.

Whether or not the world will choose to acknowledge this clear evidence of state-sponsorship of terrorism remains to be seen. Critics will likely argue that it will not, lest such disturbing information disrupt the recently won peace in the region through the UN-inspired ceasefire.

As the Israeli evidence was being made public, Syria’s Bahsar Assad was delivering a speech of his own, praising Hizballah and echoing Iran’s Ahmadinejad by declaring that any American vision of the Middle East “has now become an illusion” on the heels of Hizballah’s victory. Assad continued, “We tell them (Israelis) that after tasting humiliation in the latest battles, your weapons are not going to protect you - not your planes, or missiles, or even your nuclear bombs. The future generations in the Arab world will find a way to defeat Israel.”

The German foreign minister canceled his planned Syria trip mid-flight, describing Assad’s words as “going in completely the wrong direction.” Whether or not supplying Hizballah with lethal laser-guided Russian Kornet anti-tank missiles is interpreted as also “going in completely the wrong direction” remains to be seen.