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Persistence Pays Off For Iran

Leading Friday prayers in Tehran, Ayatollah Ahmad Jannati declared that Iran should never compromise its nuclear right but, nonetheless, is ready for talks. Jannati said to worshippers, “The Iranian nation and officials and Supreme Leader (Ayatollah Khamenei) and all those who have hands in administration of the country’s affairs, will not accept Iran’s withdrawal from its inalienable rights.” He then added, “History showed we have achieved success whenever we resisted. Resistance against conspiracies has been successful.”

Ayatollah Janatti speaks the truth, as Iran is not withdrawing from any of its activities and, in their resistance, are successfully enriching more uranium according to both their claims and a new IAEA report. Feeding more uranium into their centrifuge cascades is thought to be a message of defiance to the West amid calls for Iran to abandon its nuclear enrichment program.

Iran’s unwavering stance is bearing real fruits, as the West is clearly wearing down and watering down its demands. In all appearances, what were once demands appear to be reduced to polite requests accompanied by a long list of tributes to the steadfast mullah regime.

With Iran’s consistent refusal to budge and the West’s inability to maintain a stern message, Ahmadinejad is now ready for nuclear talks. And why wouldn’t he be? An editorial in The Boston Globe called Secretary of State Rice’s announcement of talks with Iran the result of “sage advice from allies and former secretaries of state such as Henry Kissinger and Madeleine Albright.” This, of course, is the same sage advice that netted US nuclear power reactors for North Korea, now believed to be a nuclear weapons power as a direct result.

So, too, with Iran today. Gone are the demands for complete cessation of nuclear enrichment in exchange for simply pausing during negotiations. Iran’s persistence has paid off and the West has heeded Iran’s call as reported by the Iranian Fars News Agency that “any kind of pre-conditions for talks makes the situation more difficult.”

Making an appearance at the table, however, are guarantees of US nuclear reactors, nuclear technology sharing, and incredibly favorable EU trade agreements awaiting signature. Also included in the West’s acquiescence is the removal of sanctions on aircraft parts put in place years ago by the US not for disputes over any nuclear crisis, but rather, for Iran’s role in international terrorism.

Some wonder if this is a Western collapse or a gambit to expose Iran’s true intentions. Initially, on the word of US talks with Iran, we openly supported the move as an attempt to expose Iranian intentions. This was before word of the lifting of sanctions in lieu of the threat of sanctions along with the offer of American reactors and nuclear technology. Including those aspects in context, it seems illogical that this is an attempt to expose Iranian intentions. For if Iran accepts the offer, which they should, they will have an open pathway to nuclear weapons identical to North Korea.

Victor Davis Hansen calls it “Iran’s Nuclear Scorpion.” Perhaps it is no less correct to call it “America’s Diplomatic Kitten.”

Iran is winning. More accurately, the West is losing. By choice.


I am not so sure its a zero sum situation.

The West losing by choice may not be really "losing".

A decent martial arts instructor teaches a side step while the opponants own force keeps it in forward motion. We then can deal a "finishing or disabling" blow at a critical point that causes visible damage or maybe at a nerve point which may cause disabling pain but not kill the opponant.

In the end, if one chooses to stand and fight you better fade a bit or you end up face blocking - with your own face!

The "soft kill", non-emotional option forces change by connecting Iran to the West, not vice versa where they can spread negative stuff our way. Try as they will, stopping the modern, secular content flow will be imposible.

In a way its slipping the opponants attack and then slapping them hard right up the side or back of the head. And, you still retain the power to deal the finishing blow from behind any time you want to.

I hope you are right, Robert.

I just find the nature and multitude of unilateral concessions a troubling indication. Rather than a side-step, they appear more like handing over your wallet in exchange.

I shared your view up until the US offered an end of the Boeing parts sanctions. Sure, they're just spare parts for planes, but they were there because of Iran's terrorism leadership....in the iddle of a War on Terror.

Still, I hope you are right in the end. I am not disagreeing with you, just openly worrying.

Anyone who believes that Iran can be turned from developing nuclear weapons is in la-la land. Iran cannot be persuaded to give up enrichment activities anymore than could India or Pakistan.

The best that the US and the world can hope for is a delay in Iran's acquisition of a nuclear weapon to a time when things kind of stabilize in the Middle East and there would be less impetus for a major war.