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Iran’s New Foreign Policy Approach

Iranian Foreign Minister Manouchehr Mottaki said that he will be executing a new foreign policy approach. In the first move establishing this new approach, he said that detailed reports have been prepared on the human rights issue in the US and many European countries and that the ‘reports’ will be “issued as books and pamphlets.”

Women ProtestThe coming lecture series is ironic, considering the recent international reportage of Iranian authorities beating female and male demonstrators at a women’s rights march in Tehran. In a demonstration demanding the humane treatment of Iranian women, including equal rights in divorce and custody cases and an end to polygamy, male police were dispatched to break up male demonstrators and Iran’s black chador-clad female police were dispatched to quash the females in the demonstration. The women were beaten with batons. One woman was hospitalized with head injuries.

The myriad rights abuses by the Iranian regime makes for an intriguing backdrop to this new foreign policy approach. A 2004 Human Rights Watch report stated that Iran’s human rights condition was worse in 2004 than it was in 1997. In 2005, Iran itself reported widespread torture within its prisons in a judiciary finding that included arrests without cause and other rights abuses. But, curiously, the report seemed to blame prison workers and police officers for not complying with a ‘legal ban’ on such activities rather than the governmental regime which gives the orders.

Meanwhile, Ahmadinejad sets off to meet with Russia and China as part of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization’s sixth conference. It has been noted before here and elsewhere that it is odd that the SCO has embraced Iran, considering the organization’s stated stance against terrorism. Echoed here are the words of Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld on the matter when he remarked, “It strikes me as passing strange that one would want to bring into an organization that says it is against terrorism one of the leading terrorist nations in the world: Iran.”

Seemingly, the United States’ and Europe’s human rights violations are on the negotiating table, but Iran’s uranium enrichment is certainly not, as iran refuses to budge on their right to enrich uranium, but rather will only negotiate on the forms of enrichment they will employ, exposure of the secret Zirzamin 27 enrichment program notwithstanding.

The West continues to be Shanghaied in Shanghai and Iran continues the practice of taqiyyah.