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Angry Over 'Chocolates', Iran Laughs to the Bank

After the EU’s Clinton-esque offer of a nuclear plant to a nuclear threat, the unappeasable Ahmadinejad is angry. Said the bitter Iranian president, “They say they want to give the Iranians incentives. They are treating us like a four-year-old child who can be given nuts and chocolate in exchange for gold.”

The ‘nuts and chocolate’ in the form of a light-water nuclear power plant from Europe is the nuclear energy that Iran insists is its aim. The ‘gold’ in the form of enrichment currently being developed by Iran is the fissile material production for weapons that is the true goal of the clandestine Iranian program.

What the angry rejection of nuclear power by Iran represents is the unmasking of the Iranian charade of peaceful nuclear power. This is most likely the aim of the offer, fully expected to be rejected out of hand, which it was before even official presentation.

The West is slowly learning how to work Ahmadinejad and the much more powerful Supreme Leader, Ali Akbar Khamenei and the rest of the Guardian Council. They will never be persuaded to change course, especially with a number of them in a devout religious messianic quest. To those, enrichment is far more than earthly ‘gold’.

The trick for the West is continue to plague the Iranian mouthpiece and elicit such angry responses that fly counter to Iranian claims of peaceful intentions and further unmask the regime to a world that seeming fears a nuclear aggressor in Iran far less than any confrontation in any form to prevent its impending reality or a disruption of oil flow.

While some within the regime may be concerned about their flailing economy and the prospects of economic isolation in the form of international sanctions, those fears are assuaged by the reality that bellicose words from Ahmadinejad’s lips often directly control the asking price of their chief export and sole economic life preserver, oil.

To be sure, there is no supply shortage and, in fact, a glut forming from diminished demand caused by prohibitive prices. The current spiked price of oil has little to do with supply and demand and everything to do with traders’ nervous reaction to the Guerilla Marketing efforts of Ahmadinejad under watchful encouragement of the Supreme Leader.

Meanwhile, Moscow still doubts and opposes sanctions, virtually the entire planet opposes military action and, all the while, Iran laughs at offers of cash, security and even nuclear reactors in exchange for the cessation of enrichment. While the world debates how to handle the crisis, the only progress made is that of Iran’s enrichment work and their oil price manipulation to fund it.