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Ahmadinejad Predicts End of Israel: "Soon"

Iran’s President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said today that Israel is a “permanent threat” and “heading toward annihilation.” With Iran’s ongoing sprint toward nuclear weapons, it is more appropriate to say that Iran is the one in motion, headed toward annihilating Israel.

But the Iranian leader did not stop there. Ahmadinejad, seeker of peaceful nuclear power plants, continued on to say that “the Zionist regime is a dying tree, and soon its branches will be broken down.”

(Curiously, the CNN International site does not carry this report that “soon Israel’s branches will be broken down,” but rather includes a watered down report where Ahmadinejad is quoted calling Israel simply “tantamount to an imposition of an unending and unrestrained threat”. No breaking of branches coming soon.)

The Islamic Republic of Iran has existed for nearly thirty years as an Islamist state and the world’s chief state sponsor of international terrorism. Yet, in these thirty years, the Islamic Republic of Iran has yet to directly confront the enemy they hate most. Suddenly, the thirty years of hateful and vitriolic rhetoric has seen a notable change in vocabulary: “Soon.”

No longer does Iran simply threaten and denounce Israel. Now, it should be recognized that Iran’s taunts and threats include a sense of urgency and proximity of conflict.

Of course, this is not the first time. Remember that, in the speech that Ahmadinejad gave at the ‘A World Without Zionism’ Conference, he said not only that Israel should be ‘wiped off the map’, but he also included a time reference then, saying that “Very soon, this stain of disgrace [i.e. Israel] will be purged from the center of the Islamic world – and this is attainable.”

Why suddenly is Iran, primarily through Ahmadinejad, adding the time reference of ’soon’ to their threats and condemnations? This is an important detail. Perhaps they are developing new weaponry which will finally allow them to directly confront and defeat an Israel that they have feared, regardless of rhetoric.

Perhaps it is the Flying Stealth Boat? Perhaps the new MIRV missile armed with military-grade plastic explosives? Perhaps Hizballah has suddenly and secretly tripled in size? Perhaps the new ‘world record’ super-fast torpedo can eliminate Haifa?

Maybe the answer lies curiously in Hizballah’s reaction to Rafsanjani’s visit in Damascus, where Hassan Nasrallah declared that Iran’s recent nuclear breakthroughs bring the terrorists encircling Israel “great spiritual boost”.

But what do terrorists care about nuclear power plants?

What makes Ahmadinejad so confident as to declare that the “Zionist tree” of Israel will “soon” have its branches “broken down”? How can he be so sure that “this is attainable”?

Perhaps we should ask our friends, the Russians, the Chinese and Mohamed ElBaradei. Maybe they have an idea.


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It is very very sad that no newsprovider ever mentions that Israel flaunted, ignored or just laughed at more than 50 UN resolutions!!! When any other country ignores just ONE resolution it is reason for sanctions and even war! And why are there no UN peace keepers to protect palestinian children that are shot and killed almost daily by the Zionist army? Someone tell me why!

Seymour M. Hersh's latest piece created a stir, but disturbingly his Pentagon source was of the view that Hezbollah are some sort of ninja terrorist outfit. Your article counters this, can you become an adviser to the White House please?

The Cat

Well, Sy Hersch tends to cultivate sources that agree with his views, which is human nature, but not necessarily good journalism.

As far as the White House is concerned, rest assured they have far more qualified advisors than this observer, and advisors who likely hold largely the same views you wish to see.

It is disappointing, however, that they do not present Iran as the 'kingpin' of international terrorism before even discussing the nuclear issue. For, even if the nuclear issue were resolved, their crafted role as the global terrorism epicenter still would exist...and this is the War on Terror, not just a war on nuclear weapons in the hands of men on a messianic quest.

If I were advising the White House, that would be my first and persistent offering.

Other states less than friendly to the US (and the West) have nuclear weapons.

The real issue is why we don't persue them as we are persuing the Tehran regime. There is good reason for that.

In this, the Administration (and others) fails miserably in communication with the American public and the world at large.

Just two cents.

I have to agree with your assessment of the "communication" problem. I have complained about that in discussions before - but I do believe that Iran is a bigger threat than Korea, for instance. Korea is not self sacrificial for one thing. I'm sure that Iran is not in general - but the mullahs are and that's all that matters. Ahmadinadwacko is certainly not afraid of talking about dying - though I don't think he'd want to go himself. But we can certainly attest to his communication skills. We know where he stands. Where do we? Officially. I know where I stand - and I know where you stand. Does Bush stand there? I think so - but he never says so.