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Released Iraqi Mukhabarat Notes Translated

With the recent release of FMSO DOC-EX Operation Iraqi Freedom Documents, much remains in Arabic. One such document titled the Iraqi Intelligence Service (Mukhabarat) document is an English printout of an FAS look at Iraq’s Mukhabarat.

It contains hand written notes in Arabic, including a written cover page and several hand written notes, most of which are simply translations of the written English text. What is interesting is the interest in monitoring the internet, including the FAS site, which is following the Mukhabarat. This was provided by the FSMO without translation of the Iraqi notes.

Below, thank you to a valued Arabic speaking ThreatsWatch reader, is an English translation of the hand-written Iraqi Mukhabarat cover page and two of the notes written that obtain something other than a direct translation of the FAS’ English text.

Formations of the Intelligence Apparatus on the Internet.

You will find below some relevant information about the Intelligence published on the internet. It is clear that the information is somewhat old, but nevertheless it contains some important and accurate details and it lists names such as the following:

  • 1- The late RAFI’ Daham (deceased)
  • 2- Mr. Mana’ Abdul Rashid
  • 3- Mr. Iad al-Douri - Crossed out
  • 4- Muthanna al-Takriti (a relative of No. 2 above according to the report)
  • 5- General Abdul Aziz al-Kurkhan
  • 6- Mohamad Yassin Al-Shamri from Mosul
  • 7- Dr. Mohamad Al-masri - Director of Directorate No.8
  • 8- General Abdul Hamid Khalaf al-Bayati - Director of Directorate no. 9
  • 9- Colonel Hussein Abdul Khaliq al-Douri
  • 10- Saadoun Ali al-Takriti from Alouja
  • 11- Ahmad al-Dulaimi
  • 12- General Abdul Hamid Yassin al-Ghorairi from al-Haditha
  • 13- Ibrahim Al-Ani
  • 14- Saadoun Mohamad al-Mashhadani (almash-hadani)
  • 15- Colonel Kamel Qirtas al-Janabi
  • 16- Mohamad al-Douri / Abu Nihad
  • 17- Subhi Ibrahim al-Jabouri from Biji
  • 18- Sayyid Ihsan - (about the Iranian Group Mojahideen al-Khalq) i.e. fighters on behalf of the Iranian people.
  • 19- Jamal Omar al-Rawi

I would suggest that the internet is monitored, as this is important for selecting suitable operatives to work abroad in future.

(signed) Abu Muhannad
(signature name not clear)
End of translation of main page.

Scribbles on other pages:

Most entries are merely Arabic translation: FAS text just the same in Arabic.

Below Directorate 14, Page 7 of 8 (pdf):
“Responsible for training at Salman Pak and is responsible for the attempted assassination of Bush and the killing of Taleb al-Suhail.”

Below last entry on Page 8 of 8 (pdf):
“The information is considered out of date and updated 97-11-26.”

End of translation.

The Iraqi Mukhabarat thought the FAS analysis accurate enough to warrant a monitoring of the internet. It denied nothing contained within beyond stating that it was outdated.

UPDATE: Power Line has added context and properly notes Salman Pak, while concluding: While it would be a mistake to put too much weight on any single document, the Mukhabarat’s seeming endorsement of FAS’s description of its activities would appear to confirm, among other things, Iraq’s production of poisons for use in “covert offensive operations,” and its training of terrorists for “clandestine operations abroad.”

NOTE: Our translator noted an error in our transcription, which now reflects appropriately. From the translator: “The signature which is not clear at the end of the list of the 19 names is Abu Muhannad (nn) not Abu Muhammad as you published. There is a difference.”