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Red on Red in Gaza Bombing & Aftermath

In Gaza City, a car bomb killed a PRC commander aligned with Hamas, prompting finger-pointing and violence between Hamas and Fatah-aligned factions. The PRC is a group of about 200 terrorists, reportedly evenly split along Fatah/Hamas lines. The bombing was first blamed on Israel, who quickly denied involvement. When it became clear that the bombing was not a missile strike, the looks turned inward at rival Fatah factions outside the PRC.

Attack Image The Washingtom Post reported that PRC spokesman Abu Abir blamed the Fatah-dominated Palestinian Authority security services, naming specific individuals and declared that “we will behead them.”

The Red-on-Red violence spread through the streets of Gaza City, as PRC terrorists took the fight to the PA security forces. Tempers flared and the fighting spilled into the funeral for the killed PRC terrorist, as is customary for Muslims to bury their dead within 24 hours of death. At least three are reported killed, one on each side and a civilian caught in the crossfire.

Following the lead of new Hamas Interior Minster Saeed Seyam, who vowed to protect Palestinian terrorists, Hamas officials defended yesterday’s West Bank suicide bombing that killed four, calling it “resistance” against Israeli “crimes”. It will be interesting to note how Hamas treats today’s car bombing with the target no longer Israeli. It is telling that they announced an immediate investigation into the death of today’s dead Hamas terrorist in the PRC, but no investigation for the four dead Israeli civilians in yesterdays West Bank bombing.

Actions are heating up rapidly in the Palestinian Territories, and the more Fatah and Hamas fight amongst themselves, the less energy and resources can be dedicated to blowing up Israelis. Expect Iran to make every effort possible to refocus the two warring factions on Iran’s preferred target: Israel.