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Iran Portrays Concluded Russian Talks as 'Constructive'

Talks between Russia and Iran ended Tuesday with nothing having changed from the end of talks Monday or, for that matter, from before the talks ever began.

Yet, nothing stopped Iran from posturing in an attempt to portray the Russian talks as productive and hopeful in an attempt to prolong the unproductive process. Said the head Iranian negotiator and deputy secretary of Iran’s Supreme National Security, Ali Hosseinitash, “We discussed a joint formula and we will continue talks,” adding that the fruitless exchanges had been “positive and constructive.”

The Russians are far more realistic and increasingly frustrated at being strung along by their economic partner and again insisted that Iran cease their enrichment activities recently restarted.

Russia will no longer play host to the Iranian stage and any future talks between Iran and Russia on the Russian proposal will take place in Tehran. Russia’s Federal Agency for Nuclear Power chief, Sergei Kiriyenko, said, “Russia is making every effort to give [Iran] an opportunity to resolve the complicated situation by peaceful and constructive means. Talks on enriching uranium on Russian territory for Iran’s nuclear power [industry] will continue in Iran.”

Iranian Foreign Minister Manouchehr Mottaki said from Brussels of the Russian demand that they cease enrichment activities, “Returning to the suspension of our nuclear activities is not on our agenda.” Mottaki also added that combined talks with Germany, France and the UK are a thing of the past. “Our contacts with the European Union will no longer be held with the EU-3, but with the different countries of the European Union.” From Iran’s perspective, any future talks with the EU-3 will take place on an individual country basis and merely as an addendum to the Russian talks, even though Russia is placing less value in the Russian-Iranian dialogue with each passing day.

German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier said from Tokyo,
We have no option but to pray that the Iranian government will make a final decision with sincerity.”

But Iran has made their final decision. To not recognize that this decision was made long before the IAEA came into the picture and has been maintained throughout the entire process commonly referred to as international negotiations is to be willfully blind.


The only decision left to be made is what, if anything, the West is going to do to stop Iran. The ball is definitely in our court.

Well, the next "deadline" is coming up in March. I'm anxious to see what action, if any, occurs following its passing.

Inaction, more likely. The burden for dealing with this issue will eventually fall squarely on the shoulders of the US. And whatever course of action we take will likely draw scathing criticism from the other nations that chose to do nothing. Or am I just too much of a pessimist?