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Voting in Barwana

BARWANA, IRAQ: The polls have been open for six hours in the town of Barwana, one of the three Triad cities which include Haqlaniyah and Haditha. The poll site sits right beneath the now-destroyed Barwana bridge, where Zarqawi terrorists routinely executed residents for not conforming to their perverse interpretation of Islam.

Purple Fingered Kid.

Purple Fingers for All!.

It is estimated Barwana has upward of 40,000 residents. Turnout has been heavy; over 2,000 Iraqis have entered the polls by noon Iraqi time. During the referendum on the Constitution in October, about 2,300 total votes were cast in the city.

Barwana's Voters.

Barwana’s Voters Waiting in Line.

By mid-morning, the long and slow moving lines led to some problems with the crowd. At one point there was pushing and shoving between groups of voters, the poll works and Iraqi troops in the courtyard outside the polling station. An Iraqi soldier fired a few rounds in the air to get the crowd’s attention, and the problems quickly subsided after that. A few voters at the scene of the incident left, but the majority of those inside and the rest of the Iraqis queued outside remained in line. Some problems inside the voting center were resolved quickly by the poll workers, and the voting pace increased.

Captain Shannon Neller, Company Commander of Lima Company, 3rd Battalion, 1st Marines, ordered water, which belonged to the U.S. and Iraqi troops, to be handed out to the Iraqis waiting in the long lines. We handed out the bottles to the smiling crowd and much good will was reestablished.

Turnout is said to be high across the river in the sister city of Haqlaniyah. No reports are available from Haditha at this time.

Barwana, once part of Zarqawi self declared “Islamic Republic of Iraq”, is now the scene of al-Qaeda’s greatest nightmare: Muslims exercising their constitutional right to chose their destiny.


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The Fairbanks DailyNews-Miner has just recently embedded a reporter in Mosul who is now blogging about her experiences. Yesterday, she went out on her first patrol and reached some interesting conclusions about what she had been told about the war by the MSM. I think you'll find the post informative, especially the last couple of paragraphs.

In fact, she appears to be a very good writer who posts often and I'll suspect it will be well worthwhile to follow her blog during the next 6 weeks.

Thanks Bill. These are the only images from the Hit-Hadithah corridor that I've found so far. Thank you for showing me how much better everything is there now. Just a few short months ago these were extremely dangerous places to be.

I thought you guys would love this. Because of the events in Iraq this week I thought this was great! I saw a pretty cool website Thepurplefinger.org They are selling t-shirts and posters and donating proceeds to veterans charities. The phrase on the items support the Iraqi people and the troops by stating "Give Terrorism the Finger!" Very appropriate. I'm spreading the word.

Thought you might like to know!


You are witnessing history in the making! Thanks for sharing it with us.

The war in the Middle East for dummies
Dummies believe the reason why we invaded Iraq was Saddam’s WMDs. Surprise! The real issue is the threat posed by Syria, Iran, Iraq and the Islamic terrorist manifestation called Al Qaeda.
After 9/11, Saddam believed the “oil for food” fraud would stop the invasion because of the financial bribes in France, Germany and Russia. He was wrong.
Iran’s potential nuclear capability has been long forecasted. Iran and Syria have been the major source of terrorism directed at Israel. Syria channeled Iran’s terrorism through a cooperating Iraq. Al Qaeda has been a willing partner in support of the efforts to terrorize Israel, as has Saddam in Iraq. We now have Iran surrounded by our invasion of Afghanistan and Iraq. And Syria is under heavy scrutiny. Al Qaeda is on the run in Iraq.
Syria and Iran are not dummies. They know the Democrats are supporting the terrorists by their criticism of Bush and the war in Iraq. The Democrats hope the dummies will not understand the real game plan in the Middle East so that they can embarrass George Bush!
Why hasn’t the President explained this so that dummies can understand? I believe he should, but he is relying on diplomatic means to hopefully bring Syria and Iran to their senses. But diplomacy doesn’t work with the Democrats. For they hope Bush fails in the Middle East so that they can regain power. Now that is a dumb political tactic that betrays our military. Even dummies understand that!
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Great reporting. Your pictures are wonderful, and too few. Are you bringing more home to us? Keep writing. I get nervous when the gap between reports is longer than I like. But you know, I am always that way. See you soon. Love you. Mom

Thank you for your eye witness report. This is fascinating. Can you imagine anyone in America standing in a line that long without calling the Civil Rights Department? lol.

It seems you may have witnessed something historic!

I guess we won't know for sure for a couple of weeks, but this may well be the turning point.

Please keep us informed how it turns out. Thanks for all your posts so far.

Gheez, was there an election in Iraq today? I wouldn't know that without I made a VERY careful inspection of foxnews.com, cnn.com etc. The topic only came up after 10 MINUTES in my local news broadcast tonight. What a crime.

Thanks for the great posts! Keep it up!

Pajama Media (ITM) reported that 14-17 year olds were demonstrating at a polling station for not being allowed to vote.

Do you know of anywhere in the world that 14 year olds demand a vote?