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The Ramadi Debacle

AL QAIM, IRAQ: The reported “mini-Tet offensive” in Ramadi has turned out to be less than accurate. In fact, it has been anything but. The Associated Press reported a massive citywide insurgent attack, and Reuters and other news outlets quickly picked up on the story.

Captain Jeffery Pool, Public Affairs Officer for the 2nd Marine Division, disputed the claims in the harshest of terms, and rebuked the media for its mis characterization of events. “Today I witnessed inaccurate reporting, use of unreliable sources, media using other media as sources, an active insurgent propaganda machine, and the pack journalism at its worse.”

Cori Dauber, an Associate Professor of Communication Studies at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, looks at how old Associate Press Television Network footage was used to support the case for the faux “Ramadi Uprising” by all of the news networks, and little has been done to retract the charges.

The AP and other media organizations have bought into a sophisticated and clever al-Qaeda information operation designed to weaken support for the war in the United States and project an image of strength for the insurgency. After al-Qaeda’s defeat along the border, there is a dire need for them to do so.

Operation Shank begins in Ramadi

While the false Ramadi reports continue to filter down, Coalition forces launch the latest offensive in the city. Operation Shank is directed at an unspecified area of the city, and is made up of a battalion-sized assault force “approximately 200 Iraqi Army soldiers from 1st Brigade, 7th Division and 300 Marines from 3rd Battalion, 7th Marine Regiment”.

The Multinational Forces Iraq press release states this is the fifth such operation, but is in fact the sixth, as Operation Mountaineers preceded Operations Panthers, Bruins, Lions and Tigers. Ramadi will be subdued piecemeal. Since operations began in Ramadi, attacks have decreased by sixty percent.

Coalition successes do not come without a heavy price. Outside Fallujah, ten Marines of Regimental Combat Team – 8 were killed and eleven injured while on a foot patrol. The MNF-I press release indicates “the patrol was attacked with an IED fashioned from several large artillery shells”, which makes sense as it is difficult to take such high casualties while patrolling without multiple explosives being employed. Thankfully seven of those wounded were able to immediately return to duty, indicating their wounds were minor. Our thoughts are with the four injured Marines and the families of those ten lost in the attack.

Events in Fallujah show that if you are looking for bad news in Iraq, there is no reason to propagate al-Qaeda propaganda or manufacture news from whole cloth.


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Our son serves in the 3rd Btn,7th Marines in Ramadi. My husband and I are very appreciative of your accurate and positive reporting. I check the site every day and am so excited to hear what his team is doing. Thanks again!
Louise Mazur

BIll, the press should be ashamed, but I think it will be a cold day in hell before they admit to such. Fortunately, actual journalists like you reach a lot of people and those people are turning away from the MSM in droves. Keep up the great work.

Mrs. Mazur, thank you for your son's service to our country. I pray for the success of his mission and his safe return to you and your family.

My son is serving with the 3/504th PIR 82nd Airborne in Ramadi and his unit is attached to the 2Marine RCT. Thanks for the accurate reports. I've left the phoney media behind.

Mrs. Mazur, thank you for the service of your son to his country and to the Iraqis. I am sure he will remain safe.

Thank-you so much for the service you are doing for the military. My son is serving the 2nd Marine Division. I wrote to him about you, this is what he said. "Mom we do not trust the media, they see what we have to do and they don't understand why we have to do it and they make us look like the bad guys." I told him you were different and you were there to get the truth. I also told him that he is witnessing the worst that humanity has to offer, but our military is the best the world has to offer and they should never lose the truth of who they are, no matter what anyone tries to tell them. I challenge any one who criticizes these young men and women to stop with the words and go and do it better. If the media and the politicians would be on the side of the American men and women who happen to be protecting the freedom of those who criticize them, we would no doubt be winning the minds and hearts of all people. What is wrong with them and to think that they are the most educated of our society, makes me shutter.
Thank-you again and God be with you!

It's a sad day for all Marines
and their families,our hearts,thoughts, and prayers
are with those brave men and
their loved ones.God Bless.

The MSM really believe that if they control the story they control the truth and the outcome. With Murtha calling for withdrawal and saying that our military is broken and defeated the media require the military to suffer a defeat. It is not news but drama with a predictable outcome - in short, soap opera. To get an insight into how these dramas are manufactured see BU Professor Richard Landes' Pallywood site

Hi Bill,

Hope all is well.

I am Joe Nesbitt's son-in-law, Mike Pojar.

Trying to solve a discrepancy. The liberals/media/democrats were claiming that Pres. Bush needed to explain how things were going in Iraq and what was going on. Yet, 500 “journalist” were embedded with this war effort and they don’t know what’s going on? One claim was that the agreed to military restrictions were too much to do the “true” work of a “journalist.” As I write this, I am laughing out loud. Is it just simply that “they are not going to report on the plane that lands successfully”? Could you speak to this? Is 500 journalist enough and is there enough freedom for you or them to expect accurate reporting to give the American people a sense of how it is going over there? What is a ratio of potential reportable good news stories verse bad ones in your experience?

Thank you for the information you provide and please be careful.


Mike Pojar


Joe says, ”keep your head down, and as down!” “Constant vigilance”

Thank you for providing information on the progress our Soldiers are making in Iraq.

Our extended family has had 4 Soldiers/Marines station there simutaneously, 3 currently. Upon their return we hear about events totally contary to the mainstream media.

We too, have a son with the 3/504 PIR 82nd Airborne, his third tour.

I will add a link to Threat Watch & Fourth Rail on my website. We need to spread the word.

We are proud to Serve and support, our condolences to the families who have lost loved ones.

Thanks again
Tim Harrington

Thanks for the inside reporting Bill. All other jounalists could have gone where you are today and so I say that YOU are the ONE TRUE JOURNALIST there and we should forward your words to the rest of the blog world!!!!

As for the journalistic liars, we will follow there words to their ousting in this global war on terror!

Let Operation Iraqi Freedom ring!!! Yo Soldiers of Freedom!!!

Bill, thanks for your no nonsense reporting. Please extend my family's gratitude to each and every one serving our country. And a Bronx cheer for the MSM.

Outstanding work, Bill. Keep the pressure on the mediacrats. Diminishing circulation and fading Nielsens will eventually do the trick. And, one day, the MSM will actually be pro-American again.

My son is with the 3/504 in Iraq.

Our military has to fight not only the enemy on the ground but the press who seems determined to not only slant the fact but blatantly lie about what is going on in Iraq. They are truly aiding the enemy and without someone such as yourself, there would be no truth coming out in the news

The reality of MSM is that kids with little experience and no talent make 'journalistic' decisions of what to put on the wires based on left wing brainwshing from school profs and activists, most business management is actally republican.

Whatever gets on the wire is then copied and pasted into your newscasts by equally brain deprived kiddies. Then a nice looking character with a soothing voice reads it to you.

If your looking for REAL news forget MSM, they are trying to sell you Toyotas and buzz words.

Always with you bro!
Go Eagles

Looks like the Terrorist-Supporting Media is still stuck on stupid.

Dear Bill,
I'd be interested to see how fair and balanced your show really is. I'm sure you've heard of Bill Roggio. My son-in-law who is in Iraq fighting in Husyabah, had told me about Bill's website, what an eyeopener. I think everyone should have this website to get the real deal , as to whats going on over there, not the irresponsible reporting of CNN. Maybe then people will understand why we're there. I sure am going to be saddened when my son-in-law comes home and sees what people think about his sacrifice. America should be ashamed. Especially Congressman Murtha who knows better.

Char Kozlowski - Fredericksburg, Virgina

Bill Roggio's web http://billroggio.com/ Bill has been in Iraq since Thanksgiving. Very interesting reading.

I sent this e-mail to Bill O'reilly to see if he has the courage to post Bill's website. I feel if he gets enough of these e-mails he'll have to listen. Sorry for the confusion of the first post.

My son is in the 82nd (3/504). I'm having a hard time keeping track of where his unit is over there. Last I heard it was around Ramadi. Thanks, Bill, for all the information you get out. I'm glad to have it.