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Terrorists' Toys For Tots

AL ASAD AB, IRAQ: The Thanksgiving Day car bombing in the town of Mahmudiyah encapsulates the nature of terror attacks directed at the Iraq people. Thursday’s attack killed thirty and wounded forty. The location was a hospital, and the target was American troops handing out toys and food to children. ABC News voices the reaction of a stricken mother; “There was an explosion at the gate of the hospital… My children are gone. My brother is gone.” Another car bombing in Hillah was directed at an soda stand, and killed eleven and wounded 17.

Outside of Abu Ghraib, Iraqi soldiers discover a car with children’s dolls rigged with various forms of explosives. Iraqi government spokesperson Leith Kubba states “This is the same type of doll as that handed out on several occasions by US soldiers to children.”

al-Qaeda’s campaign against the innocent is nothing new. In July, twenty seven children were killed in a suicide attack on American soldiers who were giving candy to Iraqi children. There are numerous instances of al-Qaeda using disabled children – those with Downs Syndrome or other mental impairments – as suicide bombers or grenade throwers.

Those who advocate a withdrawal from Iraq wholly ignore the nature of the enemy we face, an enemy that has no compunction about slaughtering the innocent to achieve their political goals. Also lost in the debate is the fact that al-Qaeda is taking a real beating in Iraq, particularly in its former “Islamic Republics” in western Anbar province. Iraqi troops are entering the fight in battalion sized formations, the terror networks are being slowly and systematically dismantled, and leadership turnover due to precision operations is frighteningly high for the organization. The calls for withdrawal only embolden the terrorists to commit more spectacular acts of violence in order to paint a picture of chaos.


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While you are there in Iraq, Bill feel free to give your "no withdrawal" talk to President Talabani, the Interior Minister as well as Mr Chalabai, all of whome believe we should begin to withdraw, soon.

I'm sure that someone here at home will call Ms Rice and let her know as well.

When you visit our troops and as they continue to patrol Iraq, let them know that it was decided at the Cairo Summit that US troops are "legitimate" targets of a legitimate Iraqi Resistance.

Are the French kids setting fire to cars likened by Michael Moore and Johnny Depp as "Minutemen" or "Freedom Fighters"? When these 18 year old Muslim youth start killing children in France the way that they do in Iraq, will they still be heros?

This is a war of Humanity against Brutality. And to ignore the nature of the evil that causes these folks to do this sort of thing to children would require us to not understand humanity ourselves. If we turn the people of Iraq over to these butchers, we accomplish the same thing as when we let the South Vietnamese be purged by the North or let the Russians absorb the Poles and the rest of Eastern Europe. These are both dark decisions in the history of our nation.

This is a long hard fight, rat. The fight won't go away by turning our backs on it. The fight's only in Iraq because Bush chose that as the place. If the troops are pulled back to the US, then the US is the place for the fight. Is that what you want, rat? Close your eyes, pretend there's no fight, take the knife in the back?

The US will take losses while learning how to fight this enemy. The US would take more losses if it chose to pretend that there is no enemy, no fight. The US will take losses either way.

I just wanted to say thank you to Bill. What he is doing is a great thing. Hearing first person accounts of what is really going on in this part of the world is of the utmost importance. As Americans, information such as this is priceless if we are to understand what is really happening so far away. Only then can we use this information to solve the problems we are faced with. Seeking the truth sets men like Bill apart. As an American I applaud his efforts to bring us one mans perspective from the front.Remember he is there not as a paid correspondent, but as a concerned citizen who possess an open-minded intellect and keen insight to get the job done. Keep up the good work!!

I'm sorry to hear about those children. It's events like that which make me so sure that this needs to be seen through to its conclusion and those people need to be behind bars or somewhere else where they will murder no more children.

I second Mr. Hartman's comment. I'm looking forward to hearing the "straight dope" soon. Knowledge is power - thank you Mr. Roggio for seeking out and disbursing the knowledge of what is happening so far away.

I must say after the Cairo Summit and the decision to label US troops as "legitimate" targets of a legitimate Iraqi Resistance I was really really really angry and wanted us to pack our bags and leave these idiots to be reconquered by the 'legitimite resistance'.

I must say the Shia in Iraq are very weak, and I also finally understand why the Sunnis ruled Iraq for so many generations. The fact is they have bent over backwords for the Sunnis giving them almost whatever they want and the Sunnis respond by cheering on Zarqawi suicide bombers as they butcher Shia women and children.

The Sunnis are the wolves and the Shia and Kurds are the sheep. The insurgents are right that they would retake Iraq in time if America left. However with Iran helping the Shia it would be alot harder for the Sunnis, but I still wouldn't put it past them.

This evil attack got absolute minimal mention in the liberal main sream media (Fox included). They were to busy covering cindy sheehan again. Thank God for blogs like this, the military brass should encourage bloggers in Iraq and elsewhere. The l.m.s.m. are an enemy to the U.S. military and their mission!

I don't believe that the US should withdraw because the war is/was wrong but the truth is the US can't win politically now. Stay and the troops remain targets, AQ continues to recruit and the Left whines on about oil, occupation etc. Leave and the AQ and the Baathists, with the encouragement of the Left think they've won. Withdraw some troops, and promise more if the insurgents stop bombing, and get as many of the Sunnis into the politcal process, focus the remaining US troops on AQ and see what happens.

Your article on "Terrorists Toys for Tots" gives me the chills and brought forth a string of really bad, unprintable words. I am surprised that hours passed before comments were made by other equally appalled readers. I am having trouble navigating this site, and wonder if others are also. Stay safe!

Who runs daily life Iraq is of secondary importance. They real importance is the threat that Iraq represents to US, as a Nation State.
Under Saddam that threat loomed large. It no longer does. It will not again, soon.
Mission OIF was a success. The Iraqis now have their emerging democracy and their legitimate Insurrection.
If another "Saddam" type arises in the next decade or so, out of the rumble of their "legitimate" resistence, well, we could take Iraq down again, if the threat to US redevelops.
No need to have another American die, next year, in Iraq's "legitimate" Civil War or as a result of it's "legitimate" resistence to "foreign agressors", when those agressors is US.

The "occupation" officially ended June 30th,2004.

There has been a long running dialog with various "resistance" groups to lay down their arms.

One of the sticking points is whether those captured be conferred POW Status or Criminal Status.

The Cairo Conference merely provided a somewhat murky clarification.

My personal intrepretation would be that those captured prior to June 2004 will be treated as POW's, those afterwards would be treated as criminals.

A reasonable person could intrepret Jan 30th,2005 as the date of "true" sovereignity.

As usual, the MSM misses the point altogether. The Cairo "Reconciliation Conference" was an attempt to negotiate "terms of surrender". Details on POW status and prisoner return are properly included in a surrender document.

As for Bill's original post, there can be no mercy for the terrorists in Iraq.

The Cairo Summit was an attempt to split the Ba'athists from AQIR. Juan Cole has a good post on the issue today.

Of course there is a reason why the Resistence to US presence is now deemed legitimate.

It is a sure sign, regardless of the reasoning, that Iraq is on the verge off being "Stable & Secure". They will be both stable and secure if 65% or more of them vote on the 15th.

Occasional car bombs are no reason for 160,000 US troops to remain in Iraq. They are not militarily signifigent. Even if children die because of them.

The Iraqis are more than capable or governing Iraq.

That is the CORE of the Bush Doctrine.

US departure, beginning in the Spring, is a sure sign of Victory, not defeat.

The objectives outlined in the Authorization for Use of Force have been achieved, we've won in when 65% of the Iraqi's vote.

We should be discussing what happens when we are finished mopping up Ramadi, how many US troops should "stay behind" and where they should be staying.
Not whether we have won or lost, we have more than achieved US objectives, as outlined by US Law.

I agree with rat on this one. I think we all knew that once the elections were held the draw down would begin. We have achieved our objectives, let's let the morons duke it out among themselves.

Thanks Bill. I use your reports to help put the mainstream news on Iraq in context.