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Israeli-Hezbollah Skirmishes Continue

The Israeli clashes with Hezbollah continue, even as the UN presses for a cease-fire. What started with a Hezbollah operation attacking the IDF at Shebaa Farms
has spilled over, perhaps by Syrian and Iranian design with Lebanon merely holding unfortunate real estate. It is surely no coincidence that the attacks coincided with Syria’s crescendo of conflict regarding the Mehlis Report on Rafik Hariri’s assassination and Iran’s war of words with the IAEA and The West over its potential referral to the UN Security Council.

Tuesday, Israel began dropping leaflets over Beirut in an attempt to challenge the Lebanese to recognize that they are merely caught in the crossfire of a proxy war initiated and controlled from outside their own borders. Reportedly, the leaflets read as follows:

“To the Lebanese citizens we demand who is defending Lebanon? Those who are lying to you and sending your children to battles which they are not ready for or up to.

Ask yourselves who wants to go back to destruction and demolition. … Who is a tool in the hands of its Syrian and Iranian masters. … Hezbollah is causing a lot of harms to Lebanon.

The state of Israel is determined to protect its citizens and sovereignty.”

The effects of the Israeli leaflets on the sophisticated Beirut population can be expected to be little to none.

News sources often cite Israeli missile and artillery barrages but little can be found describing what the Israelis are calling the ’largest rocket and mortar barrage in years’ from the Iranian-armed Hezbollah. If this is the case it may be very telling and not bode well for the immediate future.

Meanwhile, as the UN continues to press for a cease-fire, it should be clear that the fighting will cease when Iran and Syria deem it no longer immediately productive.


Back at the beginning of the month, we had the "president" of Iran, the former hostage taker, exclaiming that he wanted to drive Israel into oblivion. Then al Aksa declared their support of the Iranian jihad against Israel.

Its not at all surprising that the Syrian backed Hezbollah would continue its onslaught. None of this can be good for the future of the region.