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April 25, 2009  2:40 PM

AudioApril 24, 2009 [Listen Here]

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Piracy off the coast of Somalia has received much more attention since the attack on the US-flagged Maersk Alabama, with it's captain held hostage for days until Navy SEAL teams took out his Somali captors and freed him. The most effective deterrent to acts of piracy is armed security aboard ship or in close escort, where it is demonstrated that the risk of an attempted boarding is far greater than the perceived potential reward.

In this episode of FireWatch, Jay Fraser speaks with Jim Jorrie, president of Espada Logistics and Security Group, whose company has been providing precisely that type of private security service to maritime shipping companies navigating the dangerous Horn of Africa. He explains in detail the threat, the pirates' tactics, and the tactics and procedures that have left his teams and clients with a spectacular record of successful deterrence: Multiple pirate engagements with neither a single boarding attempted nor a single casualty on either side.

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