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September 21, 2008  1:01 PM

AudioSeptember 21, 2008 [Listen Here]

15:07 (Mins) | 14 (MB)

The Taliban-al-Qaeda alliance inside Pakistan has bombed the five-star Marriott Hotel in Islamabad, completely destroying the structure in the massive blast and the fires that ensued after. It is an al-Qaeda strike back at the United States and the CIA for the operations undertaken inside Pakistan that target key Taliban-al-Qaeda leaders and facilities. The Marriott is regularly used by the CIA, FBI and US military intelligence officers when in Islamabad, and CIA officers and other officials were at the Marriott at the time of the bombing.

How does Pakistan react? Will it be regarded as "Pakistan's 9-11" as one Pakistani paper described it? Or will it net more of the same, with a schizophrenic Pakistan neither fully participating with nor fully fighting against the Taliban-al-Qaeda insurgency that targets it?

In this edition of FireWatch, recorded in the hours after the bombing, Steve Schippert takes an initial look at what it means, who was targeted, and what to look for in the days ahead in order to discern if and how this attack has changed Pakistan.

Download this FireWatch Podcast in MP3 format here.

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