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February 18, 2008  6:00 PM

AudioFebruary 18, 2008 [Listen Here]

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Imad Mugniyah is dead, killed by a bomb in Damascus. He was considered by many one of the top three terrorists of all time. Tom Joscelyn, who has written this week's cover story for The Weekly Standard on the matter, discusses who Imad Mugniyah was and his Iranian-led history of collaborating with al-Qaeda. Mugniyah taught bin Laden's al-Qaeda the art of simultaneous massive truck bombings, a trademark operational practice that Joscelyn tells Fire Watch “al-Qaeda really inherited from Hizballah and Mugniyah.” In the second segment, terrorism and Middle East expert Nir Boms joins us from Israel to discuss the potential Iranian-Hizballah response going forward. Boms details why the Iranian-Hizballah retaliation “will most probably be geared toward an Israeli target overseas.” As he notes, Mugniyah's are big shoes to fill for his two successors – but Hizballah is certainly not going to stop orchestrating terrorist attacks.

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