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April 25, 2011

1. Documents now made public by Wikileaks have been siezed upon by media outlets to highlight that "dozens" of suspected al-Qaeda detainees at Guantánamo Bay were innocent. Considering Gitmo had over 1,000 detainees at one point, this is a good battlefield ratio, not a horror.

2. In Libya, Qaddafi's army - including mercenaries from around Africa - has retreated from the key city of Misurata, just east of Tripoli. It continues to shell the city in retreat, however. In the see-saw struggle between Qaddafi and Libyan rebels, the latest ebb for the rebels may put urgency into Qaddafi's negotiations for settlement. This, of course, was the idea of bringing in US drones.

3. A NATO airstrike (read: US Predator drones) destroyed Qaddafi's offices at a compound in Tripoli. The Libyan strongman claimed NATO tried to assassinate him. This is, of course, a claim not without merit. Western politicians have been calling for such, including US senators. UK foreign minister Hague would not rule out the use of US drones to take out Qaddafi. (See Item 2, above.)

4. Report says Pakistan's political leadership is considering approaching the UN Security Council citing territorial infringement in order to pressure the US into halting drone attacks on Taliban & al-Qaeda targets in its tribal areas.

5. Syria, using tanks on its citizens, locks them in by sealing its border with Jordan. US considers sanctions.

Al-Qaeda core leadership in Karachi, Pakistan, on 9/11; Returned to Afghan day after - Washington Post
Gitmo files: Pakistan's ISI spy service distrusted, seen as terrorist group first by interrogators - Guardian (UK)
Intelligence Process: From the new Gitmo files: Al-Qaeda and anthrax - Long War Journal
WikiLeaks unearths case of al-Qaeda double agent who duped Canadians - Globe and Mail (Canada)

Taliban Help Hundreds Tunnel Out of Prison's Political Wing - New York Times

Egypt oil ministers to be tried over natural gas deal with Israel - AFP
Egypt prosecutor orders Mubarak to army hospital - AP
Arab leaders of the Gulf Cooperation Council expresses concerns over Egypt's Iran moves - Gulf News (UAE)

Iran Says It Has Detected Second Cyberattack - Radio Free Europe / Radio Liberty

Australian man arrested in Israel for recruiting, spying for Hamas - JTA (Israel)

Rebel Gains: Qaddafi's army flees Misurata, but artillery pounds on - Los Angeles Times
Amateur video shows Misurata destruction [TW: Note tanks hidden indoors.] - Telegraph (UK)
NATO strikes cause 'most significant damage' yet - BBC
Bomb attack destroys Gaddafi's office - Sydney Morning Herald (Australia)
Qaddafi: NATO tried to assassinate me - CBS
We Said It First: Western leaders call for NATO to target Gaddafi - Telegraph (UK)
We Said It First: UK's FM Hague says US drones may be used to take out Qaddafi - Daily Mail (UK)

Mass graves in Mexico reveal new levels of savagery: Sledgehammers used - Washington Post

Pakistan may cite territorial infringement, seek UN Security Council vote to stop US drones - Express Tribune (Pak)
Saudi Arabia, Pakistan to strengthen ties - UPI
Recent: Saudis 'So Unhappy' With Obama They Sent Emissaries to China, Russia Seeking Enhanced Ties - CNS

Was Always The Plan: Putin for president (again) in 2012? - Washington Times
Beat the Press: The Plight of Reporters in Putin's Russia - Weekly Standard

In shift, US considers sanctions against Syria's Assad regime - CS Monitor
Syria uses army to crush uprising; at least 5 dead - AP
Locking Them In: Syria seals border with Jordan: Amman - AFP
Syria has opted for military solution: activist - Khaleej Times (UAE)

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