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February 9, 2011

1. Egypt continues to dominate the tenor of events throughout the Middle East. Protesters continue to gather at Tahrir Square in Cairo, but the Mubarak government continues to now look stronger rather than weaker by the hour. This is not to say that change has not been ushered in, but rather that those who expect sudden and drastic change will likely be disappointed. The question remains one of succession. So long as the Muslim Brotherhood remains most poised and organized for inheritance, Western support for Mubarak will remain.

2. While many continue to argue that the Muslim Brotherhood is an acceptable organization - primarily because the are "not al-Qaeda" - fact remains that they are an Islamist organization seeking to create a Caliphate. Palestinian Media Watch has translated a book authored by the Brotherhood's leader for many years titled "Jihad Is The Way."

3. While Britain's Prime Minister Cameron implored Western leaders to vigorously defend their nations' culture of Liberty and demand assimilation, its Foreign Minister Hague berated Israel and called on the Jewish state to drop its "belligerent language" on Egypt.

Number of US Airstrikes Has DOUBLED Over the Past Year - Big Peace
Karzai: NATO's Afghan reconstruction bases to go - Washington Times
Petraeus Warns of a Bloody Spring in Afghanistan - CBS
US commander: Special operations forces stressed - AP

Muslim Brotherhood text reveals scope of radical creed - Jerusalem Post
TEXT: Translation of the book 'Jihad Is The Way' by Former Muslim Brotherhood Leader - Palestinian Media Watch
Egypt protesters defy VP warnings they must stop - AP
Iraqi al Qaeda calls for prison breaks in Egypt - Reuters
Egypt: Hizbullah and Iran want to 'ignite the region' - Jerusalem Post

Government says only regime supporters can march for Egypt - Los Angeles Times
Concessions For Nothing. Again:EU could lift travel ban on Iranian minister - AFP
Nigeria: At Last, Iran Admits to Arms Shipment - AlllAfrica

Three car bombs kill 7, wound 78 in Kirkuk; Security Forces targeted - Reuters

UK Foreign Minister tells Israel to drop 'belligerent language' on Egypt - Telegraph (UK)
Israel jittery about gas supply from Egypt - AP
Israel forced to spend more on fuel - UPI
Egypt investigator: Pipeline explosion caused by bomb - Jerusalem Post

With March 14 Out: A Hizballah-Technocrats-Centrists Cabinet to be Announced Soon - An-Nahar
Jordan Grabs Egyptian Gas, Leaving Lebanon in the Dark - Arutz Sheva

Mexico army rescues 44 kidnapped Central American immigrants - Washington Post
U.S. teens killed in Juarez crossed border for party - Washington Times

North and South Korea military talks collapse - Guardian (UK)

Pakistan's Cabinet Resigns - Wall Street Journal
Bombs strike three police buildings - CNN
Officials: NW Pakistan rival tribes to end (Sunni-Shi'a) fight - Washington Post

Gaza students hold Egypt solidarity rally - Ahram Online
Hamas: We will not hold elections in Gaza - Jerusalem Post
New flotilla planned for Gaza on deadly raid anniversary - AFP

Greek Oil Tanker Seized by Pirates in Gulf of Oman - WTMA
The War At Sea Escalates - The Strategy Page
87 killed as Puntland warns Somaliland 'not to attack civilians' in the North - Garowe
PM Calls for End of Clashes in South of the Nation - AllAfrica

Sudan's terror-list removal untied from Darfur - Washington Times

Patriot Act reverse surprises House Republicans - Washington Times

U.S. Drone Crashes in Yemen, Al Qaeda Steals Wreckage from Police - FOX News

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