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August 30, 2010

1. As the US troop drawdown in Iraq continues, American politicians and officials who opposed the surge strategy before, during and after its implementation are now proclaiming victory in Iraq. Top military bloggers and veterans remind Americans of the irony of political and media opposition.

2. As the direct talks between Israel and the Palestinians draw nearer, a top Palestinian Authority official says the PA will have met all preconditions for a Palestinian state within a year. The same official also says that Isreali PM Netanyahu needs to "explain his definition of a Palestinian State."

3. Israel and the US stand in opposition to missile sales to Syria and Lebanon while the Israeli Defense Minister is set to travel to Russia hoping to persuade Russia to halt its planned deal with Syria.

4. Iran says that if it is attacked it will strike Israel's nuclear research facility at Dimona. In a typical Iranian news cycle, an Iranian official also called France's photogenic first lady a "prostitute."

5. Turmoil in Mexico continues to rise to unprecedented levels as President Calderon continues efforts to combat powerful drug cartels. A second mexican mayor in two weeks has been assassinated in the north, and the mexican president has 'purged 3,200 police' in an attempt to curb corruption in that narco war. ThreatsWatch provides a rapid state-by-state snapshot.

5 kidnapped Afghan campaign workers for female candidate found dead - Washington Times

China to conduct live ammo drills in Yellow Sea - Washington Times

Iran says it will hit Israel's Dimona nuclear facility if attacked' - Jerusalem Post
Iran state media call French first lady prostitute - AP

The Defeatists Win Operation Iraqi Freedom - Part I - BLACKFIVE
The Defeatists Win Operation Iraqi Freedom - Part II - BLACKFIVE
Biden visits Iraq to mark formal end to US combat - AP
Context: When did the actual last combat brigade return from Iraq? - Mudville Gazette
Iraq on highest alert for terror attacks amid fear of plots - Boston Globe

U.S., Israel Lobby Against Missile Sales to Syria, Lebanon - Baltimore Jewish Times
Barak to visit Russia amid concern over arms sale to Syria - Ha'aretz
UN team begins Gaza flotilla probe in Jordan - Ha'aretz

The Reality of the Nightmare in Mexico - ThreatsWatch
Mayor of city on Texas-Mexico border state slain as drug cartel violence soars - Examiner
Mexico launches federal probe of migrant massacre - AP
National Guard to arrive at Arizona-Mexico border - USA Today
Mexico Purges 3,200 Police Officers in Anti-Corruption Drive - BusinessWeek

Norway bomb plot underscores al Qaeda pitfalls - Washington Times

Palestinian PM: PA expects prerequisites for statehood to be met within the year - Jerusalem Post
Palestinian PM: Netanyahu must explain his definition of 'Palestinian state' - Ha'aretz
Hamas headband? Fatah keychain? Gaza Strip gift shop has it all. - CS Monitor

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