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March 17, 2010

1. Attorney General Eric Holder argued in testimony that bin Laden has the same Constitutional rights as Charles Manson "or any other mass murderer." The unilateral slide from warfare to lawfare continues.

2. Said to be seeking unified military command, US forces in Afghanistan are being brought under NATO command, currently headed by US General Stanley McChrystal.

3. Rift between the Obama administration and the Netanyahu government in Israel remains amid sprinkling of reports suggesting mends. The arguments are often personal and insulting and the impact immense.

4. General Petraeus testified that Iran is assisting al-Qaeda leadership maintain links to regional franchises, a reminder that the principal threat from Iran remains terrorism and not the more widely argued nuclear tension.

Holder: Bin Laden Has Same Rights As Charles Manson - WSJ Law Blog
VIDEO: AG Holder argues for Constitutional rights for enemy combatants - FOX News

NATO to Command US Troops in Afghanistan - VOA
Like In Iraq, McChrystal Has Special Ops Under His Direct Command - New York Times
Petraeus: Afghanistan war will get tougher - ABC (Australia)
Poll: Pakistanis, Afghans Unconvinced by Gov't Anti-Terror Efforts - Gallup
2 Would-be Suicide Bombers Killed in Afghanistan - VOA

Documentary reveals violence in FARC - AKI

Iran Aiding al-Qaeda Leadership Links - Washington Times
Surprise: Action on Iran stalled in talk - The Australian
Iran's Latest Nuclear Fuel Swap Counter-offer - World Politics Blog
Report: 86 people convicted in Iran - CNN

Former Negotiator: Is Obama Administration Seeking Israeli Regime Change? - AFP
Clinton: Israel must 'demonstrate the requisite commitment to the peace process' - Jerusalem Post
Netanyahu: Israel Has Proven Its Commitment to Peace - Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Israel Objects to U.S. Construction Demands - New York Times
Israel moves to ease diplomatic dispute with U.S. - Washington Post
Smart Diplomacy? Obama and Israel: Not Smart - Commentary Magazine

U.S.-Mexico Border Security System Threatened as Napolitano Halts Funds - BusinessWeek
Context: Escalating Chaos On Our Border - New American
Drug cartels unite rival gangs to work for common bad - USA TodaY

Pak-US Deal: Spy service using captives to create new Taliban links - AKI
Pakistan Indicts 5 Americans on Terrorism Charges - Los Angeles Times
US drone strikes kill seven in Pakistan Taliban stronghold - CS Monitor
Pakistan militants target Peshawar checkpoint, 5 killed - BBC

Taking cue from US anger, Mahmoud Abbas digs in heels - CS Monitor
Arrests After Jerusalem Riots - YNet News (Israel)
Fears of New Intifada Are Wrong - Ha'aretz (Israel)

Ambassador Appointee Robert Ford outlines Syria concerns - Jerusalem Post
Iran and Syria look to closer ties - Asia Times

Headley set to plead guilty in terror plots - AP

'Al-Qaeda leaders' killed in airstrike - AKI

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    What on Earth can Usama bin Laden, the mystical calculus of climate change and US Homeland Security have in common? Does bin Laden really agree with the President of the United States on matters weather? How is it that the...

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