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March 14, 2010

1. Pakistan keeps up military pressure on Taliban and al-Qaeda. Also delivers a 7-point list of demands to the powerful Taliban-backing Mehsud tribe in the Waziristan region.

2. After Iranian president Ahmadinejad visited Afghanistan to speak with president Karzai, he left only to blast the United States while American Secretary of Defense Gates downplayed Iran's "limited" support for the Taliban. The context is simply astounding.

3. A fresh round of Mexican drug war violence has left 25 dead in its wake. Meanwhile, a Mexican military helicopter was observed hovering over a Texas home in yet another incursion of American territory.

4. Indian security has arrested two Indian Muslims in Mumbai plotting another wave of terrorist attacks on the Indian economic hub besieged by terrorists last year.

Honor: Defined In A Single, Moving Picture - The Sniper

Kandahar governor wants more security after Taliban bombing wave - Washington Times
Gates: Iran Provides 'Limited' Support for Taliban - VOA

Sahara states to hold talks on tackling al-Qaeda - Washington Post

Why China drags its feet on UN sanctions against Iran - CS Monitor

India police arrest 2 in Mumbai for planning terrorist strikes - Reuters

Pakistani scientist AQ Khan describes Iranian efforts to buy nuclear bombs - Washington Post
Iran warns neighbors over U.S. presence in the Gulf - Reuters
Reaction: Iran Warns, Gates Warms: Astounding, Offensive Context - ThreatsWatch
Iran arrests 30 accused of U.S.-backed cyber war - CNN
France FM: EU Considering Unilateral Sanctions on Iran - VOA

Iraq vote signals shift from hard-line leaders - Washington Times

Hamas commander link to attacks which killed 70 nabbed in IDF raid - MSNBC
Axelrod: Israel construction plan an 'insult'- Washington Times
Hillary Clinton rebukes Israel - Washington Times
Brazilian President: How to be friends with both Israel and Iran - Ha'aretz

25 killed in Mexico drug war violence - CNN

Pak Govt gives 7-point demand list to Waziristan's Mehsud tribe - Daily Times (Pakistan)
Related: Some U.S. officials see a growing Taliban-Al Qaeda rift - Los Angeles Times
Pakistani jets pound Taliban hide-outs - Washington Times
17 killed in suicide bombing at Swat checkpost - Daily Times (Pakistan)

U.S.-Russia nuclear accord 'soon' - Washington Times

UN Programs Accused of Aiding Extremists in Somalia - VOA
"U.S. Vows No 'Direct' Action in Somalia - FOX News
Seventeen dead in Somalia land clashes - AFP

Protesters Surge Into Bangkok, Urging New Election - New York Times
'Red' protesters demand Thailand PM resign by Monday - BBC

Mexican military copter over U.S. neighborhood sparks concern - San Antonio News
American Linked to Terror Plot Brainwashed 6-Year-Old Son, Family Says - FOX News
More: There's Something Happening Here - ThreatsWatch
This We Will Defend: 'Slaughter Strategy' Is An Affront To The Constitution - ThreatsWatch

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