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March 10, 2010

1. While Congress drafts US sanctions on Iran and the Obama administration pushes for UN sanctions, the administration also seeks to carve out "exceptions" for Chinese firms. Reality is that China would fill any void and sanctions impact on Iran minimal as result.

2. After meeting in Kabul with Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, Afghan President Karzai is headed to Pakistan and is expected to request extradition of top Taliban leader captured by Pakistanis in Kirachi.

3. Pennsylvania woman known as "Jihad Jane" indicted on terrorism charges for online activities to promote and recruit for the Ismalists' jihad.

4. Somalia's Transitional Federal Government (TFG) is set to launch offensive against Islamist al-Qaeda franchise al-Shabaab, and will reportedly do so with US air support. Also, al-Shabaab's leadership was handed to a man wanted for the simultaneous 1998 al-Qaeda bombings of US embassies in Kenya and Tanzania.

U.S.-Iran tension plays out in Afghanistan - Washington Times
Gates: Troops could exit Afghanistan early, but 'conditions-based' - Washington Times
Karzai due in Pakistan, likely to seek Baradar's extradition - Daily Times
Background: Baradar's Capture - Registan.net

Angry at US, Security Council Member Turkey Pledges Support for Iran - CNS News
The De-Fanging: Congress Mulling Iran Sanctions, Administration Making China 'Exceptions' - Washington Post
The Conundrum: But China, Russia would fill most or all sanctioned trade for Iran - The National (UAE)
Royal Dutch Shell stops gasoline sales to Iran - Reuters
Tehran lobbies China against new Iran sanctions - CS Monitor
Iran's Ahmadinejad Visits Kabul - VOA
Gates in Saudi Arabia to Discuss Iran - New York Times
Is Administration Really Supporting the Iranian Opposition? - Los Angeles Times

Kurdish slate scores big in Iraq's north - UPI

Ex-Mossad chief for military strike on Iran - UPI
Iran maneuvering Israel in a show of nuclear strength - Ha'aretz

Japan finally confirms secret Cold War-era nukes pacts with U.S. - Washington Times

Nigerian energy sector near collapse? - UPI

6 Employees of U.S. Charity Killed in Attack in Pakistan - New York Times
Pakistan court stalls on charging US terror suspects: lawyers - AFP
Experts Say Arrests of Taliban Leaders to Deflate Insurgency - Huffington Post

Bold new play - in the Gaza Strip - skewers Fatah and Hamas - Sydney Morining Herald
VP Biden says Palestinians Deserve 'Viable and Contiguous' State - MSNBC

TFG gears up for push with U.S. air power - UPI
al-Qaeda Terrorist Who Bombed US Embassies In Africa Takes leadership of al-Shabaab - Jawa Report

YouTuber 'Jihad Jane' Indicted on Federal Terrorism Charges - Jawa Report
'Jihad Jane' and 7 others held in plot to kill Swedish cartoonist - CS Monitor
'Jihad Jane' linked to Irish plot - Irish Times
Why the al-Qaeda Seven Matter: In counterterrorism, personnel is policy - National Review
Remes Is No John Adams - Weekly Standard

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