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March 17, 2010

1. Attorney General Eric Holder argued in testimony that bin Laden has the same Constitutional rights as Charles Manson "or any other mass murderer." The unilateral slide from warfare to lawfare continues.

2. Said to be seeking unified military command, US forces in Afghanistan are being brought under NATO command, currently headed by US General Stanley McChrystal.

3. Rift between the Obama administration and the Netanyahu government in Israel remains amid sprinkling of reports suggesting mends. The arguments are often personal and insulting and the impact immense.

4. General Petraeus testified that Iran is assisting al-Qaeda leadership maintain links to regional franchises, a reminder that the principal threat from Iran remains terrorism and not the more widely argued nuclear tension.

Holder: Bin Laden Has Same Rights As Charles Manson - WSJ Law Blog
VIDEO: AG Holder argues for Constitutional rights for enemy combatants - FOX News

NATO to Command US Troops in Afghanistan - VOA
Like In Iraq, McChrystal Has Special Ops Under His Direct Command - New York Times
Petraeus: Afghanistan war will get tougher - ABC (Australia)
Poll: Pakistanis, Afghans Unconvinced by Gov't Anti-Terror Efforts - Gallup
2 Would-be Suicide Bombers Killed in Afghanistan - VOA

Documentary reveals violence in FARC - AKI

Iran Aiding al-Qaeda Leadership Links - Washington Times
Surprise: Action on Iran stalled in talk - The Australian
Iran's Latest Nuclear Fuel Swap Counter-offer - World Politics Blog
Report: 86 people convicted in Iran - CNN

Former Negotiator: Is Obama Administration Seeking Israeli Regime Change? - AFP
Clinton: Israel must 'demonstrate the requisite commitment to the peace process' - Jerusalem Post
Netanyahu: Israel Has Proven Its Commitment to Peace - Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Israel Objects to U.S. Construction Demands - New York Times
Israel moves to ease diplomatic dispute with U.S. - Washington Post
Smart Diplomacy? Obama and Israel: Not Smart - Commentary Magazine

U.S.-Mexico Border Security System Threatened as Napolitano Halts Funds - BusinessWeek
Context: Escalating Chaos On Our Border - New American
Drug cartels unite rival gangs to work for common bad - USA TodaY

Pak-US Deal: Spy service using captives to create new Taliban links - AKI
Pakistan Indicts 5 Americans on Terrorism Charges - Los Angeles Times
US drone strikes kill seven in Pakistan Taliban stronghold - CS Monitor
Pakistan militants target Peshawar checkpoint, 5 killed - BBC

Taking cue from US anger, Mahmoud Abbas digs in heels - CS Monitor
Arrests After Jerusalem Riots - YNet News (Israel)
Fears of New Intifada Are Wrong - Ha'aretz (Israel)

Ambassador Appointee Robert Ford outlines Syria concerns - Jerusalem Post
Iran and Syria look to closer ties - Asia Times

Headley set to plead guilty in terror plots - AP

'Al-Qaeda leaders' killed in airstrike - AKI

March 14, 2010

1. Pakistan keeps up military pressure on Taliban and al-Qaeda. Also delivers a 7-point list of demands to the powerful Taliban-backing Mehsud tribe in the Waziristan region.

2. After Iranian president Ahmadinejad visited Afghanistan to speak with president Karzai, he left only to blast the United States while American Secretary of Defense Gates downplayed Iran's "limited" support for the Taliban. The context is simply astounding.

3. A fresh round of Mexican drug war violence has left 25 dead in its wake. Meanwhile, a Mexican military helicopter was observed hovering over a Texas home in yet another incursion of American territory.

4. Indian security has arrested two Indian Muslims in Mumbai plotting another wave of terrorist attacks on the Indian economic hub besieged by terrorists last year.

Honor: Defined In A Single, Moving Picture - The Sniper

Kandahar governor wants more security after Taliban bombing wave - Washington Times
Gates: Iran Provides 'Limited' Support for Taliban - VOA

Sahara states to hold talks on tackling al-Qaeda - Washington Post

Why China drags its feet on UN sanctions against Iran - CS Monitor

India police arrest 2 in Mumbai for planning terrorist strikes - Reuters

Pakistani scientist AQ Khan describes Iranian efforts to buy nuclear bombs - Washington Post
Iran warns neighbors over U.S. presence in the Gulf - Reuters
Reaction: Iran Warns, Gates Warms: Astounding, Offensive Context - ThreatsWatch
Iran arrests 30 accused of U.S.-backed cyber war - CNN
France FM: EU Considering Unilateral Sanctions on Iran - VOA

Iraq vote signals shift from hard-line leaders - Washington Times

Hamas commander link to attacks which killed 70 nabbed in IDF raid - MSNBC
Axelrod: Israel construction plan an 'insult'- Washington Times
Hillary Clinton rebukes Israel - Washington Times
Brazilian President: How to be friends with both Israel and Iran - Ha'aretz

25 killed in Mexico drug war violence - CNN

Pak Govt gives 7-point demand list to Waziristan's Mehsud tribe - Daily Times (Pakistan)
Related: Some U.S. officials see a growing Taliban-Al Qaeda rift - Los Angeles Times
Pakistani jets pound Taliban hide-outs - Washington Times
17 killed in suicide bombing at Swat checkpost - Daily Times (Pakistan)

U.S.-Russia nuclear accord 'soon' - Washington Times

UN Programs Accused of Aiding Extremists in Somalia - VOA
"U.S. Vows No 'Direct' Action in Somalia - FOX News
Seventeen dead in Somalia land clashes - AFP

Protesters Surge Into Bangkok, Urging New Election - New York Times
'Red' protesters demand Thailand PM resign by Monday - BBC

Mexican military copter over U.S. neighborhood sparks concern - San Antonio News
American Linked to Terror Plot Brainwashed 6-Year-Old Son, Family Says - FOX News
More: There's Something Happening Here - ThreatsWatch
This We Will Defend: 'Slaughter Strategy' Is An Affront To The Constitution - ThreatsWatch

March 10, 2010

1. While Congress drafts US sanctions on Iran and the Obama administration pushes for UN sanctions, the administration also seeks to carve out "exceptions" for Chinese firms. Reality is that China would fill any void and sanctions impact on Iran minimal as result.

2. After meeting in Kabul with Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, Afghan President Karzai is headed to Pakistan and is expected to request extradition of top Taliban leader captured by Pakistanis in Kirachi.

3. Pennsylvania woman known as "Jihad Jane" indicted on terrorism charges for online activities to promote and recruit for the Ismalists' jihad.

4. Somalia's Transitional Federal Government (TFG) is set to launch offensive against Islamist al-Qaeda franchise al-Shabaab, and will reportedly do so with US air support. Also, al-Shabaab's leadership was handed to a man wanted for the simultaneous 1998 al-Qaeda bombings of US embassies in Kenya and Tanzania.

U.S.-Iran tension plays out in Afghanistan - Washington Times
Gates: Troops could exit Afghanistan early, but 'conditions-based' - Washington Times
Karzai due in Pakistan, likely to seek Baradar's extradition - Daily Times
Background: Baradar's Capture - Registan.net

Angry at US, Security Council Member Turkey Pledges Support for Iran - CNS News
The De-Fanging: Congress Mulling Iran Sanctions, Administration Making China 'Exceptions' - Washington Post
The Conundrum: But China, Russia would fill most or all sanctioned trade for Iran - The National (UAE)
Royal Dutch Shell stops gasoline sales to Iran - Reuters
Tehran lobbies China against new Iran sanctions - CS Monitor
Iran's Ahmadinejad Visits Kabul - VOA
Gates in Saudi Arabia to Discuss Iran - New York Times
Is Administration Really Supporting the Iranian Opposition? - Los Angeles Times

Kurdish slate scores big in Iraq's north - UPI

Ex-Mossad chief for military strike on Iran - UPI
Iran maneuvering Israel in a show of nuclear strength - Ha'aretz

Japan finally confirms secret Cold War-era nukes pacts with U.S. - Washington Times

Nigerian energy sector near collapse? - UPI

6 Employees of U.S. Charity Killed in Attack in Pakistan - New York Times
Pakistan court stalls on charging US terror suspects: lawyers - AFP
Experts Say Arrests of Taliban Leaders to Deflate Insurgency - Huffington Post

Bold new play - in the Gaza Strip - skewers Fatah and Hamas - Sydney Morining Herald
VP Biden says Palestinians Deserve 'Viable and Contiguous' State - MSNBC

TFG gears up for push with U.S. air power - UPI
al-Qaeda Terrorist Who Bombed US Embassies In Africa Takes leadership of al-Shabaab - Jawa Report

YouTuber 'Jihad Jane' Indicted on Federal Terrorism Charges - Jawa Report
'Jihad Jane' and 7 others held in plot to kill Swedish cartoonist - CS Monitor
'Jihad Jane' linked to Irish plot - Irish Times
Why the al-Qaeda Seven Matter: In counterterrorism, personnel is policy - National Review
Remes Is No John Adams - Weekly Standard

March 8, 2009

1. When Pakistani officials reported to CBS that it had captured an American in Kirachi - 'Abu Yahya Mujahideen al-Adam' - it was believed that the individual was Adam Gadahn, al-Qaeda's chief English-language propagandist. Latest reporting corrects, saying not Gadahn, but an American from Pennsylvania.

2. Further Tightening Rules of Engagement: Coalition night raid procedures have been changed to avoid if possible, to always include Afghan Army forces and notify the Afghan government ahead of time. The problem of European NATO contingents not actually engaging in military operations persists.

3. Afghan President Karzai was greeted with mixed reactions by Afghans in recently re-taken Marjah region. The Karzai government's appointed top official was convicted of stabbing his stepson there in 2000.

4. Iranian president Ahmadinejad is due in Kabul Monday. On Saturday, he called 9/11 a "big lie" fabricated by the American government.

5. The United States is "assisting" the Somali government as it prepares to launch an offensive aimed at re-taking the capital from al-Qaeda franchise militants.

U.S.-Born al-Qaeda Arrest News Incorrect - American, But Not Adam Gadahn - CBS News
Report: Abu Yahya Azam, an Egyptian-American, believed to be close aide to Bin Laden - BBC
Close accomplice of Usama bin Laden among two held in Karachi - GEO TV (Pakistan)
Context: US Amb. to Pakistan: US hunts for citizens training w/terror groups - AP
Background: From Goat Farm To Treason Charge - CBS News
D.C. Muslim group rejects al Qaeda call to violence in recent Gadahn video - Washington Times

Iran's Ahmadinejad to visit Afghanistan on Monday - Reuters
Saturday: Iranian President Ahmadinejad: 9/11 was 'big lie' - CNN
Red On Red: Clashes between Taliban and other Afghan militants leave at least 50 dead - Washington Post
Afghan President Gets Mixed Reception in Newly Won Marja - New York Times
Karzai gets an earful in seized town - Washington Times
Context: New top official in Marja, Afghanistan, was convicted of stabbing stepson - Washington Post
Gates To Review Blackwater's Conduct In Afghanistan - Radio Free Europe / Radio Liberty
Report warns of overwork, low morale at U.S. Embassy in Afghanistan - CNN
New Night Raid Policy: Afghan Hearts And Minds - ThreatsWatch
Context: Europe De-Militrarizes NATO Military Contingents - ThreatsWatch
Coalition troops asked to be role models - UPI

PLA Senior Colonel: "The China Dream" Means US Defeat - Schippert at Breitbart

Russia and China Waterboard Iran Sanctions - ThreatsWatch
Top oil traders end gasoline supplies, China likely to pick up slack - Financial Times
Facing new sanctions, Iran admits oil shortages - Ha'aretz
Petraeus warns Iran becoming 'thugocracy' - AFP
Oh, By The Way: Iran begins cruise-missile production - Washington Times

Violence fails to deter Iraqi voters - Washington Times
36 die as Iraqis defy violence to vote - MSNBC
Prior: Al-Qaeda recording warns of violence against Iraqi voters - Globe and Mail
Post-Election Observation: Iraqi's Are Happy - Argghhh!

PA source: Israel told us to "fight violence or we will" - Ha'aretz
Hamas founder's son details life as Israel spy - AFP

U.S. Aiding Somalia in Its Plan to Retake Its Capital - New York Times
Somali Government Says Preparation for Offensive Against Rebels Complete - AllAfrica
France claims biggest haul of pirates off Somalia - AFP
Prior: Military Officials Promise Pirates a Fightm - New York Times

Al-Qaeda Suspect Kills 2 Guards in Yemen in Escape Bid - FOXNews

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