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February 9, 2010

1. In line with the Peoples Liberation Army's post-Gulf War doctrine of "Unrestricted Warfare" against America, Chinese officers recommend dropping US bonds to "economically punish" the United States.

2. After yesterday saying NATO is a threat to Russia while ordering French amphibious attack ships, Russia's defense chief says that the planned US missile shield for its European allies is "aimed at Russia," not Iran.

3. Inexpicably and knowingly late, Lebanese President Seuliman asked Spain's president to ensure UNIFIL forces enforce UN Resolution 1701 to prevent Hizballah from re-arming via Iran, Syria. That mission has already failed, with Hizballah more armed than before 2006 war.

4. Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (via Yemen) issued audio call to jihad against "Crusaders (Christians) and Jews," seeks to attack and close Red Sea to US naval traffic "supplying the Jews."

Former Al Qaeda-Linked Associates Warn of Future Attacks - FOX News
Al-Qaeda in Arabian Penninsula urges jihad, wants Red Sea blocked to US shipments "to Jews" - Reuters
Poll: 90% of Middle East views Jews unfavorably - Jerusalem Post
Anwar The American: Just One Question - ThreatsWatch
Audio: Schippert & Robbins On US Terror Policy: Inanity or Insanity? - ThreatsWatch

Gates quietly draws more allied troops for Afghanistan effort - Los Angeles Times
Kremlin: No troops to Afghanistan, Help In 'Other Ways' - UPI
Marjah offensive: Q&A on why it matters to Afghanistan war - CS Monitor

Peoples Liberation Army officers urge economic punch against U.S. - Reuters
Post-Gulf War Doctrine Behind It: Unrestrcted Warefare (By Qiao Liang and Wang Xiangsui) - PLA

Iran anniversary 'punch' will stun West: Khamenei - Breitbart
What is Iran Planning for Thursday? - Michael Ledeen
Iran Starts Higher Uranium Enrichment - VOA
Israel urges "crippling" sanctions now against Iran - Reuters
New Iran sanctions move likely 'within weeks': Gates - AFP
U.S., EU castigate Iran for human rights abuses - Los Angeles Times

Fact Sheet: Iranian Proxy Group Kidnaps US Contractor in Iraq - Institute for the Study of War

Abbas Says He May Accept Offer of Obama Admin Representing Palestinians in Talks with Israel - BusinessWeek
Meanwhile: Abbas' Rival Hamas Sees 'No Prospect' for Middle East Peace - Washington Post
Foreign Nationals in West Bank Urged to Disrupt IDF Operations - Jerusalem Post

Outside Lebanon, Hizballah Support Waning, Poll Finds - UPI
President Suleiman to Spain's King: Lebanon, UNIFIL Facing Dangerous Israeli Threats - An-Nahar (Lebanon)
Novel Idea: Suleiman urges Spain to enforce implementation of UNSCR 1701 - Daily Star (Lebanon)
True Context: Under UNIFIL Watch: Hizballah Doubles Pre-War Missile Count in Lebanon - ThreatsWatch (2006)
Background: French UNIFIL commanders say will shoot at Israeli Air Force overflights - Ha'aretz (Oct 2006)
Background: The UN's Disintegration in Lebanon - Michael Totten (April, 2009)

China, N. Korea step up drives for revival of nuke talks - Kyodo News (Japan)
North Korea nuclear envoy visits China, talks closer - Reuters
Comedy Central, Pt. II: North Korea committed to denuclearization, Kim tells China - The Hindu (India)

Militants allegedly targeting Americans at hotel arrested - Boston Globe
Pakistani military claims success in Bajaur - Long War Journal
Speculation Intensifies Over Pakistan Taliban Leader's Death - Wall Street Journal

Moscow says U.S. missile shield aimed at Russia - Reuters
Yesterday: Russian security chief says NATO poses threat - Canadian Press

Somali forces 'kill al-Qaeda man' - BBC
Yemen "getting tougher" with Somalis on al-Qaeda fears - Washington Post

Comedy Central: Ukraine's Yanukovich: I'm no Kremlin stooge - CNN

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