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January 7, 2010

1. Al-Qaeda claims responsibility for bombing of CIA base in Afghanistan, carried out by a double agent the CIA thought it had flipped. Murmers begin of Pakistani intelligence personnel (ISI) assisting the al-Qaeda bomber.

2. US officials began to 'connect the dots' on Christmas Flight 253 bomber while flight was in the air. Administration's National Security Adviser Gen. Jones says report on failures will "shock" Americans.

3. A Western intelligence report was issued to Arab Gulf states warning them of al-Qaeda plans to attack.

4. Israel is nearing readiness to deploy its Iron Dome short range missile and rocket defense shield. IDF warns Israelis to not expect perfection, but enhanced defense. Meanwhile, a mortar barrage on Israel was launched again from Gaza.

5. Washington intends to restart a Middle East peace process in the coming months, insisting that it pick up where it left off in December 2008.

National Security Adviser: Airline bomber report to 'shock' Americans - USA Today
U.S. learned intel on airline attack suspect while he was en route - Los Angeles Times
Yemen Says Plane Bomb Suspect Met Radical Cleric - New York Times
Related: Plane bomb suspect Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab 'joined al-Qaeda in London' - Times (UK)
Tanji Interview: Int'l Security Databases And Why They're Not In Your Airport - The Take Away

Al Qaeda Claims Responsibility for CIA Base Bombing - ABC
Did Pakistani spies assist al-Qaeda's CIA bomber? - Daily Beast
Al-Qaeda CIA bomber was furious over Gaza war - Ha'aretz (Israel)
In Afghanistan, not-so-smart intelligence - Los Angeles Times
Despite a severe blow, CIA won't scale back terror hunt - AP

Iran prosecutor tied to jail deaths - Toronto Star
Iran diplomat quits over protests - Washington Post
Steady Drip of Leaks Corrodes the Core of the Iranian Regime - New York Times

Iraq Blasts Aim at Antiterror Official - New York Times
Iraq, Iran start talks on disputed border area - Reuters

IDF warns Gazans in wake of mortar barrage on Israel - Ha'aretz (Israel)
Israel's Iron Dome Missile/Rocket Defense System Nearly Ready - CBN
'System can't give complete protection' - Jerusalem Post

Palestinian Sniper Kills Egyptian Guard During Border Riot - Los Angeles Times
Khalid Meshaal Pledges Hamas' Loyalty to Saudi Arabia, Arabs - Daily Times (Pakistan)

Western Intelligence warns Gulf states of al-Qaeda attacks - AFP

Pakistan Criticizes U.S. Drone Attacks After Raids Kill 17 - Bloomberg

Somalia's army chief escapes bomb attack - AFP
Rival Islamist Groups Clashed Again in Somalia - UPI

US readies new push on Middle East peace process - Jerusalem Post
Holocaust Museum Shooter Dies In Prison - Washington Post

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