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December 10, 2009

1. In supporting the president's plan, General Petraeus testified before Congress that the fight will be long and hard and suggested an "end of 2010" assessment point to judge success.

2. Five American Muslims from northern Virginia have been arrested in Lahore, Pakistan. A video left behind suggests likely terrorist ambitions. Related: A retired Pakistani major has been charged in absentia for acting as an al-Qaeda middle-man.

3. While protests continue in Iran, the regime warned that any attack upon it would result in Iranian retaliation through strikes on Israeli nuclear installations.

4. Disgraced and deposed former Honuras president, Manuel Zalaya, will leave the country and set up shop in Mexico.

Petraeus predicts tough 'slog' in Afghan war - Washington Times
Petraeus: Wait until December 2010 to gauge U.S. success in Afghanistan - CNN
Pakistan's aid could defeat Haqqani network: McChrystal - Daily Times (Pakistan)
McChrystal: Coalition Forces Pay Afghan Soldiers Less Than Taliban - Huffington Post

Five Must-Watch Videos From Iran - Radio Free Europe / Radio Liberty
US: One Step Closer to Unilateral Sanctions Against Iran - IPS
Iran confirms missing Iranian was nuke scientist, is being held in U.S. - World Tribune

Iran Says it Will Strike Israel's Nuclear Sites if Attacked - FOX News

Honduras to Let Zelaya Leave Country for Mexico - ABC News
Amnesty International Urges Mexico To Investigate Tijuana Torture Claims - KPBS

Pakistan arrests 5 Virginia men at house with jihadist ties - Washington Post
Related: Retired Pakistani major charged with acting as al-Qaeda go-between - Telegraph (UK)
Pakistan's Peshawar, epicenter of jihad - Reuters
American Headley's Role In The Mumbai Conspiracy & His Pakistani Handlers - SAAG

CJ Grisham: The rise and fall of a military blogger - Military Times
In Defense: The Extreme (Part One) - Mudville Gazette
Milblogger and dear friend needs your help - Bouhammer
TSA Airport Screening Manual Accidentally Posted Online - DailyTech
Posting of TSA security manual leads to personnel actions - Washington Post

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